Rosie Posie Cheeks & Lips: Lioele Pop Pinky Tint Review & Swatches

Ladies, I am in the mood for talking tints today, so it will be a TINT Wednesday!

Lioele is my first stop – a Korean brand that seems to be getting better known by the day, their products are generally pretty good and more princessy than Skinfood and Etude House.

Most tints are on the red side. I am trying to find the perfect pink and perfect peach tint, so I bought this Pink Tint from the ‘Bay…


Reminds you of anything? Ah Benefit’s Posietint perhaps? I have tried Posietint but found it a little too sheer for me.

Lioele’s comes in a small stubby container and uses a brush applicator.


The tint itself is a light textured gel, and is a translucent milky light pink. It looks like it could almost be a bright candy pink but it isn’t:It’s also quite pale!


I quite like brush applicators for this kind of thing, it seems to be a little lighter than using a sponge tipped applicator.

The tint is a nice texture, thicker than the likes of Benetint, but it’s also SHEER. Very sheer – on the cheeks and on the lips:


If you are pale this could look quite nice. On me it was too light even with 2-3 layers patted on.

On the plus side it does dry after a little while and set nicely on the skin:


3-4 layers…then we’re getting somewhere:





So really, this tint is way too sheer and light for my liking but it could work nicely on you light skinned gals. If you are medium toned or dark then forget it, it takes ages to get any pigment out of it. The other shades (there is an orange and red) may work better but I can’t be bothered trying them incase they are just as sheer as this one.

I paid about £8 for this on eBay.

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  1. says

    Liole is one brand i will not be trying as from what ive researched they are quite happy to test their products on animals. You could say at least theyre honest,unlike many companies *cough Avon/P&G/Revlon etc etc cough* but that doesnt mean ill use their products

  2. xKyu501x says

    You can try etude house’s fresh cherry tint in pink or peach! Etude house’s fresh cherry tint is quite pigmented!

  3. xKyu501x says

    I have the Fresh Cherry Tint in pink and it is so pigmentedand has really really good staying power! I applied it at around 5.30pm and went to eat dinner, drink water and when I came home at around 10.30pm, I can still see it on my lips!