Experienced It!: Imedeen Skin Scan

A few weeks ago, Imedeen (who make skincare supplements) were holding free skin scans in my local Boots, so I went along to see what kind of condition it was in.

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I’ve noticed Imedeen around for ages, but have never taken supplements for my skin before, but fact is, I am getting old(er). *sniff*

Imedeen contains all kinds on nutrients but the main thing that I was told about at the skin scan was the Marine Complex (you can read about them here). Anyway – how is my skin?!

Find out after the jump!The first thing that happened was that a light jelly was applied to my arm (oh god, I can’t remember what the lady who did the skin scan was called. Kate I think. Let’s call her Kate.)

I asked why it was applied to my arm and not my face, this is apparently because in certain countries (like the middle east) the ladies can’t always expose their face so to get a consistent result (they save the data) everyone is done on their arm (although I also convinced her to do my face!).

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The scanner thing looks like a gun and is placed over the gel – no pain, nothing at all and it just takes a second. Results are then presented on the computer screen, and as well as telling you how your skin is under the surface, it also compares you to women of the same age around the world.

There was a chart which looked like this one:

IMEDEEN - See what goes on under your skin.jpg

The optimal skin is like the one on the left hand side where there is collagen under the skin and a thicker layer on the top. My result showed…..

Wait, let me re-phrase that. Kate said I had….

“Much better than average skin (!!!)”

I know. Let me gloat for a second.

Bit longer.

Ok. So my skin was pretty much at what the skin should look like after 12 months of taking the Imedeen.

Kate did the skin on my face (god, I hope her name was Kate), once again a good result but slightly thinner skin.

To be honest, I am completely amazed as I am not at all happy with the skin on my face. I get redness, I get dry patches, I get oily bits, I get blackheads, I would like smaller pores. Hmmm.

“You must have a great diet” says Kate

“Mmm no, Bacon is my life.”

“Then you exercise and drink water?”

“Does lifting my arm to direct Mr Candy to the kettle count?”

“Genes then. Good genes?”

(Ok, its not like I can sit here and say that my mum looks awful for her age.)

“Nah, not really. Well…actually yes, they are quite wrinkle free, my beyatches at home.”

Conclusion = Good Skin most likely from Genes.

Anyway – Kate very honestly told me that there was no real need for me to take any of the Imedeen’s just yet although I could do as a preventative measure (which I am going to anyway since I am not giving up Bacon).

There’s 3 types of skincare you can buy, by the way –

Derma One (Age 30+) – I am not in my 30s yet, but I would take this one if I was going to take any. Comes in the blue packet, £32.50 for 60 tablets.

Time Perfection (Age 40+) for reducing lines and wrinkles. Yellow Packet, £38.50 for 60 tabs.

Prime Renewal (Age 50+) for skin firming. £50.50 for 120 tabs.

She mentioned that if you are hardcore (say you drink and smoke, you party hard and tan a lot) you may want to take something stronger. However Prime Renewal is ONLY for post-menopausal women.

(There is also a Tan Optimizer product for those of you who want a colour boost if you are going to practise (safe) sun.)

Tan Optimizer | UK IMEDEEN.jpg

It’s interesting. I had a quick Shiseido Skin Scan once (which looks at the surface of the skin) and I had problems left right and centre but when you look under the surface I am actually doing ok.

I’d recommend anyone to go and get this done! It takes about 10 minutes, there’s no hard sell and you get Boots points! Oh and you’ll get a strange congregation of girls stood around staring at you as if you are a JML demo person.

There’s scans going on all over the UK apparently, you can go here to book in for a Derma Scan.

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    lol at “Nah, not really. Well…actually yes, they are quite wrinkle free, my beyatches at home.”

    sounds fun and I like the honest feedback