Skincare Routine Update: Week 1 (with Karin Herzog) is Spot-a-rama

I’ve decided to do little updates to my new skincare routine for when I am specifically testing out a brand. At the moment, I am using Karin Herzog – using these products.

Starting out with any new skincare if tough and I am finding it a rocky road at the moment its like that.

My skincare consulation says:

If you see additional breakouts initially they will be around the jaw. This will be due to your lymph system being over-loaded and not coping with carrying away the destroyed bacteria, killed by the Oxygen.

Aye, this is true.


So briefly, Week 1 of the Karin Herzog Skincare Routine:


Spots, spots, spots. They are coming out around the jaw line and chin, and I’ve even got some at the sides of my face where I rarely get them. If the products are pushing out the bacteria though, this this is going to be a necessary evil.

– I’m not feeling like my skin is particularly radiant. There are some products I use, like Creme De La Mer, Decleor Face oils and the next morning my skin looks great. Not feeling that yet with the Karin Herzog.

– Dryness. As the day goes on my dry patches are coming through.


– The Vita Kombi is working a treat on the blackheads on my nose. They are less apparent already.

– My skin feels softer overall.

– I’m enjoying the exfoliating element of the cleansing routine, that seems to make a difference to my pores.


This one is going to be the long haul, I think, no instant fixes here. I just don’t want massive red zits on my face in my Christmas photos!

Will the spots on my chin finally disappear?

Will I stop squeezing too much Oxygen cream out of the tube?

Will I finally find where my lymph nodes are?

Tune back in next week to find out!

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