Chanel Estompe Eclat Corrective Concealer Stick Review

When there’s no new make up products out or brands to obsess over, I get itchy to try something out that I haven’t tried before.

So I bought this Chanel Concealer, ‘Estompe (I always think of elephants when I see that word) Eclat’ corrective stick from Boots because its just one of those products I’ve always wanted to try.

chanel concealer estome eclat beige moyen.jpg

It comes in a nice stick, convenient for on the go use. It only comes in 3 colours, a green for redness correction, 20 which is the one I got and 10, a lighter shade. Therefore if you are very fair or have olive to black skin this ain’t gonna work!

chanel concealer.jpg

The packaging is gorgeous – what are those interlocking C’s so satisfying to have on anything and everything?

chanel concealer estompe.jpg

The concealer itself has a beveled edge – I believe this makes application more precise (you can use the sharp edges to apply the product to a certain point, or even to areas like the corner of the nose):

chanel concealer estompe-1.jpg

I generally like Chanel as a brand very much – although there are some bits and pieces that don’t up to expectations I just find the whole brand one of the more consistently good ones. The colouring for this shade, 20 Beige Moyen is an ok match for my NC35 skin. Its a tad lighter but certainly doable:

chanel concealer-1.jpg

So I like the tube and I like the packaging. The product itself? Hmmm.

Its quite a waxy concealer. Its not very pigmented so comes off a little bit sheer. A sheer concealer I hear you say? Yep. I really think concealers should be opaque (but not necessarily with a thick texture) or whats the point? They are here to conceal.

I used it under my eyes to show you.


concealer chanel.jpg


chanel concealer-2.jpg

There is a bit of coverage there but its still a little sheerer than I would like – its too much work trying to get decent cover from it and the darkness of my circles still show through.

One nice thing is that its quite hydrating, it doesn’t go crusty or clump. But still – one for the ladies with minimal blemishes I think, this product just won’t work for me.


chanel concealer ingredients.jpg
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