Les Minis De Chanel; Collection of 6 Essential Brushes 2010 Review

I’m a sucker for make up brushes and I’m an even bigger sucker for portable brushes. See, I am always applying make up on the go….

So this Les Minis De Chanel Brush Set 2010 caught by eye. I like brush sets that cover the whole face, not just eye brushes, and this nifty kit has a nice variety.


You get:

1 x Rounded Powder Brush
1 x Foundation Brush
1 x Tapered Concealer Brush (that’s what it says on the official site, I think this is more of an eyeshadow brush!)
1 x An angled eyeshadow brush
1 x An angled brush for liner or brows
1 x Lip Brush
1 x Bag

See, we have covered nearly all bases!

The pouch is ok. The material is a bit cheap but it’s certainly spacious:


Inside, the brushes are rather unglamourously in a plastic bag:


I took them out and put the into the brush slots. They now look respectable:


The powder brush is lovely; it’s soft and very full (nothing worse than a pathetic limp powder bursh!).


See how fluffy it is! I also liked the slightly domed, shape, I found it was really nice for a light coating of powder. Can it double as a blusher brush…yes I think so even though it is quite a big brush. It leaves a hint of colour on the cheeks.


Foundation Brush:


Once again, the fact that it’s on a short handle hasn’t taken away from the head of the brush – it’s full size and is rather good for applying foundation.

I still personally prefer a flat top brush for more base application though but in a situation where I needed a portable brush, this certainly does the job well.

Eyeshadow Brush One:


This brush is ok, if not a little non-descript. In some online descriptions it’s a concealer brush – not what I would use it for – as an eyeshadow brush though it’s a little small although it does a good job applying colour in an intense fashion.

I would rather this was a big fluffy eye brush though.

Eyeshadow Brush Two:


An angled eye brush, once again a bit of a weird one. Why can’t this be like a Nars Smudge Brush! Or be a blending brush?!

Anyway, it’s actually ok and good for working on the crease – I imagine this would work very well if you have an Asian eye shape like mine (quite flat) and have little crease because it sort of does the work for you.

Eyeshadow Brush Three:


On the official site it says it’s an angled eyeshadow brush but as it’s quite firm I’d suggest it’s more of a brow brush. I am happy to use this for both lining and for brows but it is a little on the hard side for lining the inside of the eye (tight lining).

Lip Brush:


This synthetic lip brush could double as a concealer brush. It’s got a slightly pointed end which is good for getting to the corners, and it blends nicely. I am not too into lip brushes so I am more likely to use it as a concealer brush anyway.


Chanel brushes are great quality although breaking down this set bit by bit, some of the brushes are a bit odd (the two eyeshadow ones are quite meh) but the two face brushes really stand out.

I am always in need of portable brushes so I am glad I got this (it’s limited edition – Chanel bring out little brush kits most years) although I don’t think it’s essential.

I paid £66.50 (weird pricing) for this from Boots.

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  1. says

    They look a bit cheap in the promo picture, kind of like the bog standard ones you get in those Xmas makeup sets that come out..kind of scratchy.

    Your photos show them as being a little bit nicer but as you said, I’d expect them to be a bit more “wow-y” and I don’t know what they think they’re doing calling an eyeshadow brush a concealer brush and the same re. the brow brush..

  2. nouna says

    hello, thank you!
    are they very very soft? I have a very sensitive skin…
    can you give us their size?