Etude House Pure Joy Calming Toner For Sensitive Skin Review

Toner is one of those skincare products I actually pay little attention to, but I actually have a few favourites that I alternate (such as Elemis Lavender and Eborian Herbal Moisture Lotion).

I prefer something non sticky and it absolutely has to be ok for my sensitive skin type.  I spotted Etude House’s Pure Joy Calming Toner on eBay.  Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what ingredients are in my Asian beauty products when I can’t translate it!

Apparently the Pure Joy range from Etude House is made for sensitive skin!Etude House Pure Joy Calming Toner

The Pure Joy toner doesn’t contain: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Benzephenone, Ethanol, Perfumes, Dyes, GM ingredients. Hence ‘7 Free’!

I love the packaging – the soft greens – and the toner is a clear liquid – a clear sign! It just looks soothing!

Apparently this toner contains Quinoa!

Etude House Pure Joy Calming Toner Sensitive Toner

I’ve used 50% of this toner and is it one of my favourites that I use a few times a week (it just depends how I am feeling!).  It smells of lemons..but it’s not that tart. It’s a very refreshing scent.

The toner is gentle (no allergies at all) but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like a useless toner that doesn’t do anything – it does get rid of the excess dirt that is left on the face.

The toner – it’s liquid but it has a thickness to it:Etude House Pure Joy Calming Toner

Overall a good toner.  If it left my skin feeling looking brighter I’d like it even more but mustn’t grumble.

I’m not that impressed that butylene glycol is there though:

Etude House Pure Joy Calming Toner 1

Verdict: It’s not a bad toner at all if you have sensitive skin although with is being quite good, but not amazing I may not repurchase it. I prefer Eborian’s Herbal Lotion to this one.

I bought this from eBay for around £12.

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