Matte Lip Cream Klaxon! Etude House And Rose Collection – Rosy Tint Lips Review


Every time I tell myself that I won’t be investing in any new make up, a brand comes out with something totally yummy looking that I need to indulge in.  Etude House is one of those brands that keep releasing extremely creative ranges – even though I can’t say I like everything they release I totally respect the fact that they keep creating new formulas and doing something different. Their newest and totally season appropriate […]

Etude House And Rose Collection for Autumn 2013


I don’t necessarily like everything that Etude House releases – I find the quality of Japanese brands generally is more consistent than Korean – however, I completely, totally love how creative and innovative they are with their new releases.  They somehow manage to look like ‘Etude House’ but always come up with a totally new concept and look each season that’s hard for me to resist – the price point is also quite low, so […]

Etude House Vivid Pop Stick Lip Colours Review


I have generally stopped make up hauling AHEM – only buying make up when I think it looks really interesting or different.  I fancied these Etude House Vivid Pop Stick Lip Colours because I have a thing for chubby stick glosses at the moment (easy to apply) and I like bold long lasting lips at the moment.  These Vivid Pop Sticks have a few USPs; a matt finish (quite rare with Asian branded make up […]

Etude House Proof 10 Bling In The Sea – Eye Stick Review Part 2


In my previous review, I covered the Etude House Proof 10 Bling In The Sea eyeshadow sticks – another set of colours that came out at the same time are these glitter eye sticks which are quite unusual – the look white but are actually clear with coloured glitter suspended in them.  Unlike the colour sticks there’s no sponge tip at the other end which I don’t mind as I find the applicator a waste […]

Etude House Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Color Eye Stick Review Part 1!


In this hot weather I am absolutely crazy for creamy textures – I don’t know if that is counter intuitive because creamy textures can melt off, but I find they feel really comfortable in this weather.  I personally can not imagine powdering my skin in this heat.  So, I have been a little weak willed when it comes to spotting new creamy eye pencils – I find these are really easy to use in my […]

Where I don’t like chocolate: Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Eyeliner Review


Part of Etude House’s Sweet Recipe collection were these two cream eyeliners – I had to purchase them because I have a thing for cream and gel eyeliners!  This comes in two colours – dark chocolate and milk chocolate.   The chocolate smudge liners are extremely cute – they come in the little chocolate cases and the packaging is like sweets. It reminds me of those cheap lip balms you can get in 99p shops […]

Etude House Color Pop Collection is oh so BRIGHT and I WANT IT


Pop on your sunglasses yo, because just when I think Etude House will run out of ideas for new collections, they don’t.  Who thinks of these new ideas?  I need a job on that panel. Anyway, Etude House’s summer (!!! WHAT SUMMER) offering is the Pop Collection and it’s certainly bright and fun.  For the purposes of RESEARCH only I feel it is my duty to get a few things because although these products look […]

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