Wake Up!: Kevin Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel Review

I really enjoy using Kevin Beautymaker products – the skincare and the make up are both pretty impressive, although the brand itself is not very cheap (in line with MAC prices I’d say).

One of my latest purchases was the Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel.

This clear jelly can be used for a facial massage to waken the skin and refresh!

Kevin Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel.jpg

They say:

After cleansing sprinkle on the face evenly with massage. Then proceed to complete the daytime skincare. After nighttime skincare, apply Skin Repair Wakening Gel to the whole face while sleeping.

Here is the packaging.

kevin beautymaker skin repair wakening gel .jpg

I wasn’t sure what to expect – I knew that I wanted a cooling gel that I could use in the mornings to wake myself up a little when I was feeling extremely tired!

It comes in a solid jar and you get a fair amount of product:

Kevin Beautymaker skin repair wakening Gel -1.jpg

I had a few issues using the repair wakening gel.

As my skin has been horrendously dry these last few months this product stung as soon as I applied it. The second ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol so that’s why!

I left it for a while as my skin has been recovered. Once my skin was back to normal the gel felt find on my skin, no stinging:

Kevin Beautymaker Skin Wakening Gel-1.jpg

It feels very cool on the skin and this sensation lasts for a while. In terms of hydration, I wouldn’t say this is adequate as a moisturiser for dry skin, for very oily skin perhaps.

It takes a while to sink in too, so have a tissue ready to dab off the excess!

Kevin Beautymaker Skin Wakening Gel-2.jpg


kevin beautymaker skin wakening gel.jpg


All in all, its not a must have skincare product but its quite nice to use if you like to have a refreshing facial massage. I paid about £12 for this from ebeautyshop.co.uk.

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  1. kiwikeely says

    I have to say I’m impressed. Very impressed. How did you get all these information on Asian cosmetics? (astonished face) I would have thought that Keven Beautymaker is quite a rare and unknown brand!

    p.s. I’m Chinese and I currently live in Hong Kong. I discovered this blog from MUA and the first post I’ve read was you top 5 choices of Japanese Brands. I was just wondering, are you engaged in swapping activities? because I registered to become a MUA member so I could start swapping for all these great cosmetics in USA…and being in Hong Kong I have access to pretty much all of the asian brands you like (at a price that should be a chunk cheaper than ebay or yahoo). So it would be great if you participate in swaps! my msn is kiwi_keely@hotmail.com, if you think you might be interested, please add me and we can chat more!

  2. kiwikeely says

    okay, so I have read enough entries to realise that you are from UK and not the states…apologise for the mistaken impression. But the invitation is still valid from above!