Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry and Raspberry Review

I remember Eyeko from the olden days, when all they had was the mascara and it was a pretty expensive purchase. I remember wanting the mascara but unable to spend £11, or whatever it was on it.

Anyway, fast forward and Eyeko is now found in Superdrug at far better prices and aimed towards, arguably, a teeny bopper audience.

I may not be a teeny bopper any more but in my heart…she’s there…lurking. That is why I am equipped to review the Eyeko Fat Balms!

Eyeko Makeup_ Manga Makeup & Eyeko Mascara & Glow Cream UK.jpg

Eyeko Fat Balms come in three shades and scents – Strawberry, Raspberry and Minty. These have been around for yonks too and I love the repackaging!

fat balm eyeko raspberry strawberry.jpg

The packaging is a Japanese manga style – the brand itself has always had a retro, cute Japanese feel to it. Here are the stubby little sticks:

eyeko beauty fat balm .jpg

Both Raspberry and Strawberry smell…berry like and have quite a rich texture. I thought these were dual use but apparently no, get with the program Miss Candy, these are for lips!

How big do you think my lips are?!

The answer must be quite big, because I applied these lazily, with ease.

eyeko fat balm raspberry strawberry.jpg

Swatches – these two colours are similar. They clearly need more colours in! Hot pink! Peach! Coral! Peachy Coral!

eyeko fat balm strawberry raspberry .jpg

I like how moisturizing these balms feel and they are sheer and not too overpowering. I prefer strawberry for the slightly more reddish, brighter look on the lips. Raspberry is a little darker.


eyeko fat balm strawberry.jpg


eyeko fat balm raspberry.jpg


I quite like them – they are certainly hydrating for my dry lips but would love to see more colours – this selection of shades has been around forever. Bring in some peaches and I’ll be first in the queue!

The Fat Balms are £5 each, from here.

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