Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencils & Graffiti Eyeliner Pen Review

Love eye pencils and love liquid eyeliners. So I was pleased to test out these Eyeko Line & Shine pencils and the Graffiti Eyeliner pen.

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The Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencils are chunky style, with a matte pencil on one side and a shiny glitter pencil on the other side.

There’s three variations and I got two – the blue and the purple. Needless to say I fell madly in love with the blue!

eyeko line and shine pencil.jpg

These pencils are extremely soft and creamy – no complaints there. However this means they will crease and they did smudge a little on me with my madly watery eyes.

I would still pick soft and creamy over hard and scratchy though – I can’t do anything with a hard pencil.

Super Star (purple):

Matte side is a true royal purple – like a dairy milk box!:

eyeko pencil purple line and shine.jpg

(sorry blurry pic – thats what a lack of carbs does to you)

Other side is a plum:

eyeko eye pencil.jpg

Pop Star (blue) – the matte side is a hot electric blue! love it:

eyeko line and shine blue pencil.jpg

Other side – more of a denim blue I think:

eyeko line and shine eye pencil.jpg


eyeko line and shine pencils.jpg


I think these pencils are absolutely lovely, because I am a sucker for a pencil thats creamy and soft, and comes off easily on my waterline.
However, its not a last all day eyeliner at all, so bear this in mind especially if you want to wear it out clubbing etc – you may need primer, or even some powder shadow on top to set it.


The graffiti eye liner pen:

I adore liquid eyeliners, even more than I love gel liners and am quite good at getting a flick, provided that the liner is in pen form!

Seriously – its the easiest thing for me, as long as I have the Lancome Art Liner Pen or the Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

eyeko graffiti eyeliner pencil.jpg

The Eyeko Felt Tip pen is similar to the many many Japanese non refillable liquid eyeliner pens in terms of concept but what I noticed is that the applicator is literally, like a Berol felt tip.

Therefore it wasn’t as easy as it could have been – a loose tip, something with a bit of give would have given me more room to manoeuvre.

Instead it drags a little bit – however, I found that pressing down on the tip loosened and softened it, making it easier to use.


eyeko liquid eyeliner felt tip.jpg

No complaints about the lasting power, drying time and pigmentation – all good. I know there will be a lot of teenagers out there doing Amy Winehouse flicks with this pen…probably.

The Shine and Line Pencils are £4 each, the Graffiti Eyeliner Pen is £5. All worth investigating!

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