Review: Babyliss Quick Lift Rollers

I am a sucker for hair tools, so when I saw these rollers on Amazon for £18, I had to get them –


Quick lift rollers are just that – made to add volume and lift to the hair. You only get 5 rollers and 5 metal pins because these aren’t made to create curl – this is only for volume.

Why, couldn’t we just use a traditional roller set…well, yes. The USP here I think is that it heats up very quickly so it can be used in the morning quickly to get up and go.


The central roller with the red dot is what will let you know when the rollers are ready. So I have had these for a while, using them to create lift around the roots.

My verdict – blah. This product is just blah. Ok, so its cheap at £18 but you only get 5 rollers. Ok, this is because its to be used around the crown to create lift but it doesn’t even do that very well.

Using the metal pins is difficult, especially with the really large rollers which three of them are. It does however heat up in a matter of minutes, but once set, I found the lift was a bit too much like a curl but sort f like a bad kink.


The fact is, if you are looking for curls this isn’t it. If you are looking for volume, I think a good old hairdryer and rounded brush would work better. I had visions of popping the rollers in every morning and bouncing out the door like Farrah Fawcett (RIP), but no. It’s not very good.

You would be much better investing in a good set of rollers – the best ever are Babyliss Pro 30 Ceramic Rollers – I paid about £40 for it and you get 30 rollers at 4 different sizes and it is the BEST SET OF ROLLERS EVER. Ever. You also get clips rather than metal pins which holds the rollers in effortlessly.

But as for the Quick Lift Rollers – its a nada from me.

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