Haul at the Nars Counter! Belize Lipgloss, Tuomota Multiple & Sex Machine!

Pay day usually means a few treats that have been on my mind for a while, and where better to spend than on the Nars counter! I pretty much nearly everything from Nars, but decided to buy three bits:

nars belize sex machine tumosa multiple.jpg

I have always wanted the PERFECT nude mauve lips – I got the Velvet Matte Pencil in Sex Machine, Lip Gloss in Belize and Multiple in Tuomota, which is a bronzer matte orange-less brown that is so so so easy to wear as a contour. I own Malaysia with is a much darker, warm brown. Tuomota is perfect…(see swatches click more!)
The texture of the Velvet mattes are gorgeous, but if I am honest, dry my lips a little. Nars lip sticks tend to be on the more matte side and I have naturally dry lips…This pencil is the perfect rosey-mauve:

nars sex machine.jpg

I got a gloss to go on top to counteract the dryness and it works a treat. Belize must be the perfect nude, its a mauve with a slight, very slight gold shimmer:

nars belize.jpg

Tuomota again – its pretty much a beige – I didn’t want something that could be mistaken for a bronzer, which this can’t:

nars tuomota multiple.jpg

The multiple texture has to improved a lot, creamy, less greasy feeling.


nars sex machine belize tuomota swatches.jpg

Day to day staple items, don’t you think? Do you like Nars?

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  1. Belize looks lovely!

  2. Belize looks just lovely!

  3. I also have Belize and Sex Machine! They are truly gorgeous on the lips! :)

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