Trish McEvoy Mobile Beauty Emergency Kit Review

Me and my phone are never apart. I actually remember when everyone didn’t have mobile phones. You’d arrange to meet a friend and if they didn’t show up you’d have to wait 30 minutes then go for a wander then come back to see if they were there. Patience.

This is Trish McEvoy’s Mobile Beauty Emergency Kit looked rather nifty:

“This collection combines the convenience of on-the-go makeup and tools with multiple pockets to carry what you need for the day, in style”


In this kit is:

1 x Beauty Emergency Card 5-colour face & lip palette.

1 x Lucite-handled brushes: Brush 57 mini sheer application, classic lip.

Here it is!


I like Trish’s mini slim credit cards which are easy to carry around and have a selection of products:


There are four shades of lip gloss and a blusher. (Blush: Natural, Classic Lip Colours Natural 21 and Vibrant 30, Glaze lip colour sparkling soft rose and lip gloss in apricot)

I am not the biggest fan of any lip palette (I prefer them from a barrel) although this palette makes sense, in that it’s there for on the go touch ups (lips and cheeks being quick ways to perk up you face!).


You get a case which folds over and is spacious – you can put your phone in the pocket then add the palette and 2 brushes that comes in it. You can fit a lot more into it, like palettes and brushes.


These are the 2 brushes – a blusher brush and a lip brush. They are short handled – the blusher brush I thought would be a little bit weak as little ones are, but this does have a really interesting head to it. It’s like a fiber brush with some shorter fluffy hairs and longer dense ones:


Better look!


This kit is £55 and not a bad investment if you want to try out some of Trish’s brushes (which are expensive but amazing) and also some of the colours. I’ve figured you can fit the double decker palette into the pocket too so you could have a total make up kit here.

Buy this from Harvey Nichols in London & Manchester.

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  1. JenT says

    Ahhhhh…falling more and more in love with Trish Mcevoy products by the day…loving the look of the palettes and brushes…very tempted to go and pay them a visit tomorrow now!