Kevin Beautymaker Eyelid Concealer & Primer Compact Review


Ever end up buying two of something and not realising until it’s too late?! Well this is what happened to me and this Kevin Beautymaker compact – I bought one then got another in the post (blog sale ahoy!).   Apart from this annoyance and my obvious lack of memory, this little palette from Kevin Beautymaker is quite handy.  It contains half of his Aqua Eye under eye concealer and half of his yellow Colour […]

Kevin Beautymaker Big Eyes and Eye Contour Eyeshadow Palettes


Look into my eyes, in the eyes, not around the eyes…. You’re back in the room. With me. And two lovely eyeshadow palettes from Kevin Beautymaker! I recently purchased two palettes from the range – Big Eyes and the Contour Kit. Kevin Beautymaker, if you read this blog regularly, is one of my favourite brands. This Taiwanese make up and skincare brand is based around make up artist Kevin: Nice jacket, Kevin! His range of […]

Cute and Gorgeous: Kevin Beautymaker Love Pu Pu Cheek Blusher in Peach


Kevin Beautymaker is fast becoming one of my favourite brands – the cosmetics are more hit than miss, the prices are fine. I bought this super cute Pu Pu Cheek Blush after seeing the case it came in – its got a Hello Kitty bow on the front! It also comes in a soft pink. This blusher is lightweight and has a soft, blendable texture. How adorable is this domed tin it comes in? Reminds […]

Kevin Beautymaker Starlit Eyeshadow Review


A touch of glitter…is all a girl needs sometimes. So when I saw this product from Kevin Beautymaker – Starlit eyeshadow I had to have it. This product comes in one shade only. Its an eyeshadow but in a silvery glittery hue: Despite being called Starlit, its very lovely indeed and fine textured. RMK has a similar eyeshadow (Metallics) but that is much chunkier in texture. The shade is a cool toned metal – gorgeous: […]

Wake Up!: Kevin Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel Review


I really enjoy using Kevin Beautymaker products – the skincare and the make up are both pretty impressive, although the brand itself is not very cheap (in line with MAC prices I’d say). One of my latest purchases was the Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel. This clear jelly can be used for a facial massage to waken the skin and refresh! They say: After cleansing sprinkle on the face evenly with massage. Then proceed to […]

Review: Kevin Beauty Maker Super Thin Mascara Base and High Definition Volume Mascara

I need to stop buying mascara. Period. But if you hadn’t found your perfect one, wouldn’t you keep looking too? I bought this mascara and primer a few weeks ago from Beautymaker by Kevin: These cost me £10 each. I fancied the primer because I liked the fancy name – ‘Super Thin Mascara Base’. In my experience, white based primers are too heavy and weigh my pathetic lashes down. So a feather light primer would […]

Review: Kevin Beautymaker BB Mineral Concealing Cream

My obsession with Kevin Beautymaker is not over so I bought one of these BB Mineral Concealing Creams to try for about £10. Its supposed to be a Mineral and BB concealer – thus caring for the skin. It comes in 4 shades (there is a new one in addition to those pictured below): I went for shade 4 which is the darkest, because I find that a lot of Asian products are a little […]

How thin is too thin? Kevin Beautymaker Micro Fine Liquid Eye Liner

I love liquid eyeliner, just love it. Get the right one and its easy to apply, and lasts all day. I bought this one from Kevin Beautymaker (a Taiwanese brand) from Beauty Eshop – a UK based store that sells Asian products. Love it – means I get my make up the next day! I picked up this Micro Fine Liquid Eyeliner (in black only) and its o.1mm………super fine! Want to see if it worked? […]

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