Review: Kevin Beautymaker BB Mineral Concealing Cream

My obsession with Kevin Beautymaker is not over so I bought one of these BB Mineral Concealing Creams to try for about £10.

Its supposed to be a Mineral and BB concealer – thus caring for the skin. It comes in 4 shades (there is a new one in addition to those pictured below):

k3-9.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x549 pixels).jpg

I went for shade 4 which is the darkest, because I find that a lot of Asian products are a little light for me. This concealer is just about right for my NC35 skintone.

kevin beautymaker concealer BB mineral concealer cream.jpg

Its a pretty small tube – no doubting that I’m afraid, but its very concentrated.

bb mineral concealing cream.jpg

The texture is lovely – although its highly pigmented and gives opaque coverage, it still sits on the skin without looking cakey or feeling heavy. There is a slightly silicone-slightly-oily feel to it – its lovely!

bb mineral concealer beautymaker.jpg

Here is my before and after:

*concealer BB mineral beautymaker-1.jpg-3.0 (RGB, 1 layer) 267x464 – GIMP.jpg


bb mineral concealer.jpg

I only used a very small amount of concealer for the side of my face and it worked a treat. In addition to that, it left my skin quite glowy without looking thick. I like it a LOT! A Lot! I really recommend this little concealer!


beautymaker BB concealer.jpg

I bought mine from here.

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  1. says

    This product looks interesting, I like using my BB cream so now I’ve gone ahead and ordered this! Should be receiving tomorrow it hopefully, yay! x

  2. CK says

    tt’s nice but can we use it on the eye area….to cover dark eye circles as well???

    • Row says

      Hi CK

      Yes you can – however, this shade I’ve used here it soo dark (shade 4) if I bought it in 2 or 1 I would use it under my eye!