Inspired FOTD: Green Make Up Look from Wicked the Musical….Elphaba

Blame Ugly Betty

Everything about the Musical, Wicked, made me want to hate it. The cheesy excerpts of songs from the show that I had heard on Ugly Betty, the fact that Elphaba’s name comes from The Wizard of Oz creator, L. Frank Baum’s name (L.F.B = El-pha-ba = cheesy and corny).

I booked tickets to see the London show because they were the cheapest tickets I could find for a musical (£15 for the stalls!) – I went to see it and now I am obsessed. Yep, I know all the words.


You may want to know the background to the musical – the story is long and a little complex so let me br-br-br-break it down.

The Story

Wicked is a parallel story to The Wizard of Oz, taken from the Witches point of view (the good witch, that irritating thing in a pink poof dress, Glinda, and the wicked witch of the west, Elphaba).


Elphaba is born green because her slut of a mother has an affair and drinks green stuff with her lover gives her (be careful future Candy babies, I am addicted to Piccalilly).

She grows up, goes to school with Glinda, they hate each other, then they like each other, Elphaba has skillz as a witch and goes to Emerald city to meet Oz (the wizard) and finds out he’s a fraud, so decides to rebel instead of being a hypocrite unlike her mate, Glinda.

Meanwhile there’s this tug of war love stuff going on with some guy who wears really tight leggings in the stage show, thus distracting everyone in the audience and a man dressed a a goat – oh yes, goats are being persecuted, and monkeys. I think this is symbolic.

Oz go to capture Elphaba by hurting people she cares for, so she fakes her own death instead (pretending to fizzle out with the water poured over her) but not before she manages a coup de grâce by stealing Glinda’s boyfriend and disappearing with him forever. The two witches make up over a song. Cue tears.

Ends. *

*This is not a definitive guide, amazingly enough


Glinda is actually my favourite character of the two (less morose) especially when played by the divine Diane Pilkingtonbut today is a green day, green is my favourite colour in the world!

wicked the musical fact.jpg

I am a geek, I looked it up. Landscape Green Chromacake (like pan make up that you wet then apply – made for theatre) is used on all light skinned Elphabas. Darker skinned actresses have to wear a mixture of different tones to get the right shade on their skin.

I spent and hour seeking out my Landscape Green MAC Pigment…it seemed only right to use the correct hue! Here is my Eye for the FOTD:

wicked inspired make up eye elphabe.jpg

Read on for more pictures and the product list!

By my looks, he won’t be blinded…

I used MUFE HD Foundation (which makes my skin flawless for photos – I didn’t even use powder on top or any concealer) BUT I hate it for normal day to day – it makes me look dead(er than usual).

Elphaba has to use her Landscape green of course, but I put in hints of gold, and a bit of glitter to draw in the magic of fairies.


elpabe eyes green.jpg

The gold base breaks through and makes the green look gilded (landscape green is otherwise matte).

Cosmetics A La Carte Goldmine Outliner as a Base

MAC Landscape Green Pigment (Pro Colour) from lashline upwards

Lancome Art Liner in Black

Bobbi Brown Black Gel Liner to tightline

MAC Gold Pigment (Pro Colour) on the inner eye corner

MAC Charteruse Pigment (on browbone – Pro Colour)

MAC 3D Glitter mixed with Art Liner on the brow

Lips – I finally found a use for Lancome’s Limited Edition Black Gloss in Phia Black! It has little sparkles in it too:

lipgloss black lancome phia .jpg

Some things I cannot change, but till I try I’ll never know

Overall look: Just MUFE on the face, no time for blush or primer, or powder or even concealer.

witch elphba look FOTD tutorial-1.jpg

Bit of backlighting makes all the difference! The glitter is just a bit of fun and you will find that Elphabas need to really define the brows and the lips so that they stand out from the green (which is fairly dark) especially on stage.

Eyes from the front:

witch make up look wicked-1.jpg

Does anyone else like Wicked? Did you enjoy this FOTD-cum-essay?

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  1. Heather says

    I have loved Wicked ever since I went with a few friends to D.C. back in 2006 to see it :) I LOVE the musical :) And I’m loving this “dedication” to Wicked. The shadow looks amazing.

  2. Toni says

    I was a RENTHEAD….now I’m a huge WICKED fan. Imagine that.
    My daughter wants to be Alphaba for Halloween and I’m going as Glinda 😉
    Trying to get my husband and 3 yr old to go as Monkeys. :)
    SO….I’ve been trying to get any kind of make up like the one from MAC (PRO), but i’m not a member. Got any suggestions for something similar?
    PS: LOVE the eyes!!!