Kevin Beauty Maker Lip Concealer and Aqua Lipgloss

Ever since I discovered Beauty E-shop (based in the UK) I have been a bit obsessed with ordering Kevin Beauty Maker stuff from Taiwan.

I have no doubt that the prices are jacked up but I don’t mind as most items are about £10 – with the current exchange rate issues, customs fees, delivery fees, delivery times, I’m happy to pay a bit more to get something the next day (they always seem to use Special Delivery).

Oh also the whole site is in Chinese so I have had to wing it a little :o/

My recent purchase was a lip concealer and Aqua lipgloss in a peachy colour:


Here’s the video that made me want these two items!

Lipstick – a nude peach:


The texture is lovely – quite similar to Japanese lipsticks with a soft, water touch feel. I love it but its still pigmented enough to make a difference.


Lip concealer:


I get a lot of redness around the lips, especially if I’ve eaten something spicy or had a hot drink – I look like I’ve been snogging someone with a stubble for 2 hours…not that I would know.

I have a Canmake Lip Concealer which didn’t work so well (and that was for the actual lip to tone down pigmented lips). It was too thick and creamy. This one so far, is also very soft and you only need a tiny bit.


Lip Stick on:


So its quite sheer but with a hint of colour too – very nice – there’s about 8 shades to choose from.

My net is still off – SCREW YOU TISCALI! So this is some late night cafe 2am blogging. See how much I love you?

Have a good weekend!

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  1. kimi says

    Hi there, firstly thanks for the link to beautyeshop! its great to have a UK based, I have been ording from

    I can’t read chinese very well either so I thought I’d let you know you if you type it into google search you can opt for the translated site, and it’s all in english! so much easier


    • Row says

      Hi Kimi!

      I like although I hate being stung for customs!

      I will use the google translator – sometimes it gives me a really dumb translation! x