Kevin Beautymaker Eyelid Concealer & Primer Compact Review

Ever end up buying two of something and not realising until it’s too late?! Well this is what happened to me and this Kevin Beautymaker compact – I bought one then got another in the post (blog sale ahoy!).  

Apart from this annoyance and my obvious lack of memory, this little palette from Kevin Beautymaker is quite handy.  It contains half of his Aqua Eye under eye concealer and half of his yellow Colour Correcting eyelid primer (similar to Benefit’s Lemon Aid). 

I have the Aqua Eye Concealer but I chose it in 02 which is way to dark to use under the eye so was happy to get a lighter shade in this palette. 

Kevin Beautymaker Eyelid Concealer Primer Compact Review 2

The idea with this product is to brighten first then conceal. 

First let’s talk about the packaging! A lot of the Beautymaker products come in these square palettes which are handy sized.

This palette is which with a pretty doily pattern on the top.  There’s a mirror inside which is useful. 

Kevin Beautymaker Eyelid Concealer Primer Compact Review 4

The under eye concealer is on the left – it looks pretty dark in the pan but is lighter once swatched. I would say though that something with more of a peach tone or even something with some yellow might be better to lift the under eye area.  I guess the idea is that you can mix in some yellow too from the eyelid primer. 

The Aqua eye has a very slippy, almost oily texture which is unusual. It is wet feeling on the skin too and I would say needs setting otherwise it will quite easily slip into creases and wrinkles.  It is though, lovely to blend with no dragging. 

Kevin Beautymaker Eyelid Concealer Primer Compact Review 3

The yellow lid primer works well, although to be honest, I find a normal eye lid primer or even a MAC pain pot creates an even base.  I would be wary of this yellow looking too yellow to be honest so it has to be used sparingly. 

Once on (it has a similar oily slippy texture to the concealer) it creates a nice base for powder shadows, however it doesn’t make it crease proof.  It makes colours quite vivid though. It’s a better texture than Lemon Aid which is drier and drags more on the skin. 


Kevin Beautymaker Eyelid Concealer Primer Compact Review 1


Neither product is extraordinary but both are decent and its definitely a handy little palette to have around. 

This cost around £12 from eBay – I like the Beautymaker range a lot and the base products do extend to slightly more olive skin tones like mine!

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  1. says

    I heard quite a few of BeautyMaker’s products are good. But still haven’t got my hands on it yet. May be a trip to Taiwan to test it out myself. hehe…

  2. says

    That packaging is lovely. I wish I’d bought this little set rather than just the eyelid primer, and the brightening powder. The latter is fairly useless and I find that I have to force myself to use the primer- it makes eyeshadows more vivid, but it creases badly. And therefore also settles into the fine lines under my eyes, so cannot be used there either…