Clarins 3 Dot Liner – Haven’t we seen you somewhere before!? Oh yes, in Asia

I was gazing at Twitter, sort of in a daydreaming kind of way when I skim read my timeline at work when I noticed several bloggers talking about a ‘3 dot eyeliner’ by Clarins (due to be released in September 2012).  3 Dot Liner? I was intrigued I must admit as a huge lover of all kind of liners; liquid liner, gel liner, gel pencils, jumbo pencils etc. etc. PLUS I love a new beauty innovation.

Then I see it, and… well, it’s BB creams hijack all over again.  There’s a million interpretations of the Blemish Balm on the Western market, and whilst some are decent they are no more than glorified tinted moisturisers compared to their Asian cousins. 


The Clarins 3 Dot Liner (which other Western brands are now releasing) is basically the KATE Frame Impact Marker (I reviewed in 2010 – it was the first time I personally saw this kind of liner, although many Asian brands now do them, including Holika Holika and Etude House.

It’s not something I repurchased as it’s pretty gimmicky and I personally would use a gel liner pencil (like Eyescream which lasts well) under the lashes and to fill in gaps – it’s much quicker than wiggling the stupid 3 Dot liner inbetween the lashes. 

But if you are intrigued, KATE do it in black and brown from Adambeauty ($11.50 & $2 Shipping). 

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  1. Apple says

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly. But thanks for providing a link to the original, I’ve been looking for it at all the usual places like Sasa and Imomoko but couldn’t find anything because it’s an older product I guess? I’ve also seen some people use it to draw bottom lashes (like Twiggy’s I guess) or to supplement them.

  2. says

    I scoffed when Too Faced came out with their 3 Dot eyeliner, calling it new and innovative.. It’s not, it’s been done before, silly heads!

  3. says

    I love the KATE liner. Unlike you I somehow I find it easier and less time consuming than traditional liner? And yes, bb creams all over again. I’m becoming really sick of seeing bb this and that everywhere now. I had already gotten over the asian craze when the UK hopped on the bandwagon XD

  4. says

    Brands bringing products into the Western mainstream from Asia happens all the time, I don’t think Clarins have claimed the design as their own innovation have they? Have to say I love mine, find it much easier to use than regular gel, helps hugely with my tight lining efforts too.
    No doubt within months budget brands will have their own 3 dot versions at more affordable prices, that can only be a good thing, surely?