Jo Malone Vitamin E Moisturising Day Creme SPF 15 Review

Doing a skincare clean up recently made me realise just how much half used skincare I have. The thing is, if something doesn’t suit, I don’t carry on using it. If something doesn’t offend my skin but doesn’t offer much either, I don’t tend to keep using it either.  Hence, I do have skincare guilt every time I crack open something new.

However – this didn’t stop me from cracking open this Jo Malone Vitamin E Day Creme I was sent to review.  I love Jo Malone boxes:

Jo Malone Vitamin E Day Creme SPF 15

They say: Nourishing. Protective. Vitamin E Moisturising Day Crème SPF15, helps prevent lines and wrinkles by defending skin from the damaging effects of the environment, including cold weather, pollution and UV rays. Skin looks younger, clearer and radiant.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this – Jo Malone make amazing scents but skincare products?  Hmm…

Well I have had this cream for quite a while now and have used it for a fair chunk of time.

It is an almost scentless white cream which looks light but then is very much a rich, super hydrating day cream.  My skin is extremely dry (even in the summer) however, that doesn’t mean it reacts well to overly thick creams – far from it.

This cream contains silicone which I am not sure about because I find that I get blocked pores easier with silicone products but I didn’t notice many problems with this.  It doesn’t have that super slick silicone feeling about it either which is a bonus.  SPF 15 is handy too as I am not a fan of using a separate sunscreen – it would be nice if it was even higher for the summer months.

This cream has a sort of basic feeling to it even though it is indeed fairly expensive and posh – but I like that about a cream – the fussier one is, the more my skin has a chance of reacting to it.

Jo Malone Vitamin E Day Creme SPF 15 Review

I definitely think this is a cream for drier skin types as it is very hydrating. I can’t imagine someone with oily skin would enjoy using this.

It suited my skin and worked pretty well for the time I tested it.  Would I say this is now my permanent day cream? No, because something else I really like in a cream is when it actively calms down my skin and tones down the redness and this one doesn’t do that.  (I know a lot of people hate La Mer, but for some reason it just calms my face down really well but it’s far too expensive).

This cream costs £50 for 50ml which I don’t think is that much for a face cream since it’s an important part of the skincare routine, however it’s not that cheap either so well worth getting a sample before purchase.

You can buy it from the Jo Malone Site.

*Pr Sample

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