Speedy Pouty Sexy Lips: Trish McEvoy Fast Track Lips Chic Review

I had a make over on a Trish McEvoy counter lately which was rather nice (I really do recommend having a makeover on their counters with a good SA/MUA because it’s a good way to get used to the brand – they have a lot of stuff I haven’t even discovered yet!).

At the end of the makeover I was given this Fast Track Lips product – you know I love my multi use goodies, and this is a two in one lip liner and lipstick. Both sides are retractable and you use them together or on their own.

One side is a nutty brown/nude liner and the other is a thicker peach type lipstick.


There is only one shade with this product – it’s a one off! So technically the shades should work for all skin tones. I’m not sure how much it would show up on dark skin tones but I tried it on my fair skinned friend and it was a warm coral and on me, its a nude peach (as you will see).

I like this product – the liner and lipstick sides are both neutral and totally wearable. I also like the creamy texture of the product. If I have one criticism it’s that the lipstick side is flat, so can be a bit tricky to apply until you’ve used it a few times and it moulds into a rounded shape:



The top is the lip liner, the inside is a peach with a slight shimmer.

You can use them together or alone – I used the liner side as a lip liner and the peach to fill my lips in. The formula isn’t drying.

When it’s on it reminds me of the Soap & Glory Marvelips! Marvelips is more glossy and pinker though.

Here it is:


Overall, I think this is a great product! I personally love things you can carry around with you and are multi use anyway so it’s pretty useful for me. I’d love to see it in some other shades, perhaps a full on pink or red?

More about the Trish McEvoy Fast Track Lips here.

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