Gentle Hair Colour! Aveda Clove Colour Conditioner Review

I’ve been looking for a gentle way to colour my hair lately and add some depth without reaching for permanent or semi-permanent dyes.

My hair was starting to look super brassy and purple shampoos weren’t enough to keep everything in control.  Then the magic of Twitter recommended the Aveda colour conditioners to me; Clove and/or Black Malva.   I chose Clove:

Aveda Clove Conditioner

According the the Aveda website, Black Malva is for diminishing red tones and Clove is for intensifying brown tones (not for light hair).  I wasn’t too worried about red tones, plus I didn’t want to end up with blackish hair so went for clove.

Clove conditioner contains: Organic clove, Organic coffee, Babassu oil.

Well, I broke the rules (leave on hair after washing for 2-5 minutes – who does that? Who has time to stand around in a freezing cold shower waiting for the conditioner to work?!).  I applied the conditioner to dry hair on a Sunday and left it on there for over an hour.  It stinks – I hate the smell. I love anything like clove or cinnamon but I hated this – it started to give me headache after a while.

Anyway – when I first rinsed it off I didn’t notice tons of different but once it had dried – wow. My hair was subtly darker, glossier, really shiny and rich. The blonder parts of my hair weren’t ‘dyed’ but subtly more controlled if that makes sense – it looked much nicer.  And leaving it in for so long worked a treat because 2 weeks on, when I shampoo (nearly every day or every other day) I see some colour coming out.

Here is the conditioner:Aveda Clove Conditoner Review

Only problem with this product is that it isn’t that conditioning.  I had some knots in my hair even after it had been on for over an hour and had to whip the Pantene out.

Also it STINKS.  But I think I mentioned that already :)

Actually the price is also another issue – I paid around £18 for this from Aveda. OUCH! Expensive for a conditioner but I think of it as a completely gentle hair colourant and treatment and then it’s worth it!


Smelly and not a great conditioner but so so so so good for leaving a natural, shiny tint to the hair! Will definitely slip into the permanent hair care routine.

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    it’s your current hair post (today, easter monday 2012) which brought me to reading this. i dont usually read posh hair products reviews but i am making an exception. umm, conditioner being the last product in my hair, the scent of this is going to be pretty crucial as I feel it’s going to be what the hair is going to smell off when it’s dry. looks like using the clove thing is a good idea but what’s this business of doing a conditioner which doesn’t erm.. condition and selling it at £18. Conclusion: I am happy to know about this product, and the virtues of clove but I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for another shampoo/ conditioner contained clove