Kiss ‘Kiss My Eyes’ Glamourize Eyeshadow BR-1 Chocolate Hues Review

Months ago, a lovely reader helped me purchase this chocolate eyeshadow palette from Kiss (a Japanese brand) called the Glamourize Shadow.  There are 4 shades in the compact and they colours are very natural.

Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamourize Eyeshadow BR 1 Chocolate Hues Review

I’ve been totally into nude eyeshadow palettes lately, I just like the natural glow at the moment.

This palette BR-1 is a cool toned neutral brown palette. There’s a soft highlight, two mid toned taupes and one slightly deeper brown.

The pigmentation is average, totally workable but this is not the one to go for if you want lots of pigment! It also feels nice and smooth and is devoid of that sparkle that is so common with Japanese eyeshadow palettes:

Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamourize Eyeshadow BR 1 Chocolate Hues Review 1

Here is the basic type of look do with the palette on my eye. It’s nothing that incredible but I quite like it as I can do my daytime eye easily:

Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamourize Eyeshadow BR 1 Chocolate Hues Review 2

Are you bored of neutral eyes? Is it time to crack out the brights in time for summer?!

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  1. says

    In the swatches, the colors doesnt seem to be that stong but they look pigmented on your eyes tho :) very pretty. I think these kinda subtle colors are easier to work with for every day.

  2. Kai says

    I love these palettes! i actually wanted to purchase more, but at the end i only picked up the Bordeaux one as that looked the most different. I adore neutrals though, but due to Japan being so full of neutrals, it was hard to pick just one lol. i love how soft/smooth these are! i find them pretty pigmented, but i wonder if the one you picked up is too neutral and therefore less pigmented seeming? The bordeaux one was VERY pigmented for me (particularly the dark shade). either way, ugh i wish Kiss is more easily accessible! it’s pretty cheap for surprisingly good quality (the Mat UV base is amazing)

  3. says

    Hey, stop making all makeup look fabulous! I love that eye!

    I’m looking forward to breaking out all my strong colors for the summer when I’m a bit more tanned.