Dry your eyes, girls: Prescriptives Lustre Christmas 2009 Colour Collection

As many of you already know, Prescriptives will be bowing out shortly, after many years of loyal service. This collection will be the last one launched and its Limited Edition (obviously) for Christmas 2009 – Lustre:

Prescriptives Lustre Product Shot.jpg

You like? If you love Prescriptives, now really is the time to figure out what you need to stock up on before they go. I am thinking about going down to get a few custom mixed lip glosses and a foundation.

Anyway – see the rest of the Christmas gift sets after the jump!There are two Lustre Baked Eye Colour Quads to choose from in Warm (pictured above) and cool. Similar to the baked shadows Laura Mercier have released for Xmas, and the Vincent Longo baked palettes.

£30 each

There’s 2 Lustre Shimmer Cheek Colours in Warm and Cool Lustre (pictured) £23 each.

There’s a new Magic Liquid Powder in Rose Gold (I must get this) £29

There’s 4 new shades of the Colorscope Lipcolor, Satin Slip, Bronze Lustre (LE – Pictured), Berry Oodles and Berry Lustre (LE) £15

There are 2 new Moonbeam Reflective Glosses both LE in Rose Gold (warm – pictured) and Ruby (cool) £13

And 2 new Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliners in Beaming Brown and Black £13

This range is launched on the 31st October on counters *sniff*

My 3 gift set picks:

Eyelights – Lash Envy Mascara (£22 – for a friend?)

Full Size Lash Envy Macara

Mini Lash Builder Base Coat

2. oz Quick Remover for Eye make Up

Bag & Box

prescriptivesHolidayMetallicLargeBag cosmetic candy.jpg

Px Rebuilders Set (£60 – for mama I think)

Full Sized Intensive Rebuilding Eye Cream

1 oz Intenstive Rebuilding Moisturizer

3.4 Intensive Rebuilding Cleanser

Bag & Boxed


Px Brighteners (£36 – for me?!)

Full Size Vitamin C Eye Cream

1 oz Vibrant-C Brightening Cream Moisturizer

3.4 oz All Clean Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Bag & Boxed!

HolidayMetallicLargeBag prescriptives cosmetic candy.jpg

There’s also two holiday cheek and eye palettes that are £40 and come with 6 shadows and 2 blushes and a brush in EACH set in cool and warm variations that I may pick up in the Cool set.

These were launched on the 17th Oct.

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