Mememe Colourama Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow Review

Sorry – I am still not up to my blogging best. I also need to respond to comments.

My laptop keyboard is not going to start working any time soon so a replacement is winging its way to me. But I am a creature of habit – once I have to start looking at a keyboard to find the “@” and “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” buttons, I get very grumpy.

Keyboard fixed = Me back to my old self.

Until then, a little review….

A few weeks ago this sample of Mememe colourama (UK spelling, be-yatches!) landed on my desk. I don’t know who, when, why or how it was sent to me, but as my mother says, shut up and pretend it was for you.

mememe colourama eyeshadow.jpg

Mememe is a brand exclusive to Superdrug. I have tried a few of their goodies in the past, and was not particularly overwhelmed.

Now – I LOVE cream eyeshadows. They are very much my ‘thang’ along with bacon themed snacks and black leather handbags, so I was happy to try this out. I think the shade is Azure, a light, metallic, bottle blue.

The applicator is a soft tipped sponge:

colourama mememe eyeshadow.jpg

See what I thought after the jump!The texture of this is a light cream. It dries within a few seconds and locks *tight* – no budging. I remember when it was really hard to find a drugstore, low end brand that made a cream shadow that doesn’t crease. Well, this doesn’t crease (for at least 5 hours anyway).

The pigmentation is quite high – it doesn’t get crusty when you layer it either:

mememe liquid eyeshadow .jpg

The problem with this – not so much an issue for me cos I work fast – is that it does dry quickly and when it does, its on. Therefore if you prefer something with a bit more leeway so you can blend it for a while, then this is going to be a bit tricky.

It reminds me a bit of my Visee Cream colour shadows in texture but more pigmented.

I didn’t blend this in but I wanted to show you the kind of finish you get:

mememe liquid eyeshadow.jpg

This colour is not for me really – I’ve given up the light disco blues but I’d be interested in buying it in more gold-silver colours and if they have it, a neutral base. Its not sticky when it dries either (But I do prefer a sticky base as a primer for my shadow).

Anyway my verdict – this shade is not me but the product is very long lasting and pigmented for a cream shadow. It dries fast though, thats it only fault for those of us who are a bit dozy and tend to leave the house with out skirts tucked into our knickers.

Buy it at Superdrug – I think its about £5.60.

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