My Current Skin Care Regime

I just thought I’d share the product I am currently using. I test out a lot – and I mean a lot of skincare – from all kinds of companies and price ranges.

At the moment this is what is working for me. My skin has been dry and sensitive, so although I love the idea of using Anti-Ageing products, I also need them to be quite natural. I also rotate but like I said, this is what is working for me at the moment.

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1. Neals Yard Frankincence Nourishing Cream (£17.80)

This cream is thick and rich – for dry skins. I wouldn’t recommend it for oily ladies at all but its very healing and gets rid of all my flakies. Smells peppery.

2. Neals Yard Frankincence Facial Serum (£36.40)

Used after cleansing on slightly damp skin – this is a very light lotion texture. It smells very peppery – here’s the thing. I’ve figured that I don’t actually like the smell of Frankincence – its a savoury scent, it smells like pepper and turmeric – BUT is it fabulous so I will keep using it.

3. Origins Plantidote Mega Mushroom Eye Serum (£35)

Firstly, I hate the scent – its so overly purfumed, but it is quite a nice firming eye serum. Not as good as my La Mer Eye Concentrate but it gives a quick firming effect and is easier that using the silver ball thing to apply (which you use with the La Mer).

4. StemCellin Deep Wrinkle Serum (£69)

I am always cautious to recommend any anti aging skincare UNLESS I think it actually has an anti aging effect. Its only been 2 weeks but this stuff is really making a difference on some of my wrinkles – I’ll keep it up and do a review but so far I am liking this green liquid.

Its free of parabens and sulfates and uses plant stem cells to repair the skin stem cells.

What are you using?

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