Review: Nars Firming Foundation

Skincare and Cosmetics is merging…this is the point where I am supposed to have some kind of scientific stuff ad include my evidence and what not but you don’t need that! As a beauty junkie, you should already know, these days nearly all cosmetics have some kind of ‘beneficial’ goodness (or so they say) in it. SPF for example is common in Foundation even though SPF is really a skincare issue.

I have been using Nar’s Firming Foundation for a while…now. I use Stromboli, a medium oilve shade:

Firming Foundation - NARS Cosmetics.jpg

They say: For the first time, a NARS foundation formula with increased skin benefits that not only reveal a flawless and radiant complexion, but also help to minimize imperfections while improving skin’s resilience.

* Exclusive Polypeptide Firming Complex™ helps firm and lift skin
* Antioxidants help protect against free radical damage
* Firming peptides help to reduce the look of creases associated with aging
* Includes brown algae, organic gotu kola, boswellia and a patented Gatuline RP combined with Vitamin C
* Skin feels significantly firmer and visibly lifted after 8 weeks
* Available in 16 synthetic fragrance-free shades, with a pump dispenser

Firming Foundation - NARS Cosmetics-1.jpg


As you can see a nice range of colours here, Nars has always catered for the very fair and very dark skinned ladies which is great


This is a liquid foundation but a medium thick one, not a sheer. Therefore the coverage is actually medium and gives a polished, glowy finish. There is no real scent and it blends in quite easy – you have to really work it into the skin though.


You are supposed to see lifting effects especially on the wrinkles – my skin does look better but I have also been using La Mer Cosmetics and Elemis so I can’t specify which product made me skin look better and less wrinkly.


The finish is quite a polished one – the kind of skin you would go for you you were going to wear red lips. I like a medium coverage so this works really well for me coverage wise.

However, I have had a problem with this product – about 5 hours into wear, it begins to congeal on my skin, most obviously the oily parts like my forehead. It kind of bunches on my skin looking greasy and a bit odd, so then I have to rub it back in. This is somewhat problematic – I had a friend who used to have congealed foundation around her nose constantly, and boy did it used to do my head in. But it looks great on by cheeks all day.


Eek I think its about £34 / $50 which is a lot but not ridiculous. I think this could work perfectly on drier skins on combos like me then it does go a bit odd on the skin. If you want to try this then get a sample of it and see how it settles. At the moment I am obsessed with my La Mer Foundation which gives me an amazing even glow.

For me, personally and my skintype, I have to give this foundation:


Just because it does cost quite a lot and I don’t like the bunchy thing on the skin.

This is La Mer on by the way:


It’s super flawless!

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  1. Gabby says

    Thanks for the great review. I was contemplating getting this and i too might have that same “bunching” effect on my forehead. hmm have to ponder this one. as usual this purchase would be a “want” and not a “need” cos i already have other foundations i like a lot. Thanks again :-)

    • Row says

      Hey Gabby! Perhaps if you try it out you may decide if it works for you, but I have used this for a while now and I have to be honest – it definately does go odd on my skin and I’ve tried it with different primers and powders too. It’s not that cheap so it’s important you spend your money on a good product!

  2. Jamie says

    The NARS firming foundation is currently on sale on for $19.99. Full size and all =P