Too Cute: Move over Hello Kitty, Angel Cat Sugar is here!

I didn’t mean it Hello Kitty! I still love you!

But check out Angel Cat Sugar, a new kitty from Yuko Shimizu, the original creator of Hello Kitty!

The Angel Cat Sugar range consists of bags, toys, accessories, games, collectables, gifts, stationary, homewares and so on. Here is the rather nifty make up bag:


I’ve seen one of the shopper bags in person, love it because it’s more structured than your average shopper totes (the canvas is heavier) but it was a bit more subtle than carrying a Hello Kitty tote.

See the bag range here!

What do you think of Angel Cat Sugar?


Can she rival Hello Kitty? She has a mouth and everything!

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  1. Way, way cuter than Hello Kitty!

    Although I’ve looked at the pictures of the shopper bags and I remain unconvinced that “it was a bit more subtle than carrying a Hello Kitty tote.”!! :-)

    • I promise it is! I promise 😀 Mine is a khaki colour so the head of the cat is less visible!

  2. Angel Cat Sugar is cute, but I still prefer Hello Kitty!

  3. I prefer Hello Kitty too but she is soo cute and adorable as well.

  4. Super cute! I still have more Hello Kitty stuff at the moment though. Xp But if I find any stationary of ASC, I would definitely buy it right up!

  5. Harpreet says:

    i prefer Hello Kitty!

  6. I think I’m only one who is not in love with Hello kity. :(

  7. Pink Lady says:

    Angel Cat Sugar is super cute and adorable!! Just had a look at the range of bags on the website and I will defo be coming back to snap up a couple of those shoppers! :)

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