Feel one forming? Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen Review

When I say, ‘Fell one forming’, I’m not talking about a fart either. I’m talking SPOTS!

I generally get spots in the same place, which is on my chin, sometimes one massive one of my forehead but I get a lot near my upper lip area. They hurt too and sit under the skin for a while before making an appearance. Yeuch!

So this Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen sounds like an interesting invention:


When I was younger all Clearasil had was some cleansing products that were so strong they’d dry out all but the oiliest skins and Oxy 10 spot cream! I used to use my mum’s, and it was a pink cream. You’d dab it on and it would crust on your face leaving dried pink powder around the spot area. Attractive!

Clearasil anyhoo have moved on and there’s a rather bigger range of useable products for those who want to tackle acne.

Anyway, so this Spot Blocker Pen is for fighting spots BEFORE they appear.

They say:

The clear, fast-absorbing formula penetrates deep into the pore to effectively fight the spot at its source, before it appears! It also helps clear existing spots by visibly reducing redness and spot size. The pen is easily portable, making it easy to use
I don’t know if I’d want to whip this out on the bus and apply it though….

Now I think it’s a great idea.

However – how does one really know when one is forming, or if it has already formed, or if it just a sympathy spot? I dunno. Sometimes I get red lumps that look like they will be spots then they just disappear.

I mean, when I was a teenager I was paranoid about spots so I’d put spot cream on anything red on my face just in case it became a spot.

Spot; check.
Hives, check.
Eczema, check.


I guess for me reviewing this product was tricky because I had to sit on it and wait for what I thought was a spot to form. I was willing for a spot to appear to see if it would be blocked.

I’d say that – yes, if you feel one possibly coming, this makes the process a lot quicker, the spot smaller, and ti disappears quicker too.

This can also be used on existing blemishes too to ease redness (this Spot Pen basically has Salicylic Acid in it to help fight the spot.)



It’s a cute idea, but I am far more likely to use just use it on a formed spot than a pre-formed spot because – I dunno. I don’t sit around looking out for what may or may not become a zit in the future.

When used on spots it works quite well – It’s pretty mild so good for those with sensitive skins too as long as you only use it on the affected area (not Eczema).

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