Japanese Make Up Haul: Canmake Color Stick Review, Swatches

The final part of my Canmake Haul are these Color Sticks, multi use lip balm sized sticks of goodness!

You know I love a gimmick!

These color sticks (have omitted the ‘u’ because they are called COLOR sticks and don’t want to confuse although by pointing this out I have probably confused you more) can be used to perfect, conceal and shade the skin.

They are once again inexpensive to buy – and as a bonus they are pigment free, unperfumed and parben-free.

canamke colour stick yellow brown.jpg

“This is not only a concealer that will cover flaws in your complexion; it is a multi-purpose cosmetic stick in a range of colors that can be used to cheeks and as highlighters to provide luster, translucence and definition.”

Here are the colours – each one has a recommended function:

canmake.com canmake color stick .jpg

I got Yellow Beige for redness on spots and around my nose, Apricot for under the eyes, Beige Ochre for contouring and Crystal White for highlighting.

I was originally after White, but reader Kuri who helped me get the haul found that it was hard to get hold of, most likely discontinued.

Canmake Color Stick Concealer Highlight stick .jpg

Love the idea of them, but do they work or are they just sticks of creamy mess?

1. 07 Canmake Color Stick in Apricot

A soft light peach colour – reminded me of the salmon concealers that the likes of Eve Pearl recommend for dark circles as opposed to a harsh yellow concealer.

I used it here:

Canmake Colour Stick Eyeshadow.jpg


canmake colour stick concealer.jpg

I think it worked rather well! At first, theres a moment of fear as a the bright peach goes on to the skin but then I realised, it works very well and in a natural manner at lighting dark circles.

I will say that this colour stick (in fact all of them bar the Crystal white) are very creamy and soft. Thus you can be gentle with it to avoid putting too much on!

Blending is easier though, since its creamy and rich.

I like!

2. 01 Yellow Beige Canmake Color Stick

This yellow is apparently good for redness around the nose etc. I am extremely flushed most of the time with redness around the nose and cheeks.

I like the idea of using a pale yellow over a green – I have green concealers but I do find they still look a little…well…green..

“Do you have food poisoning?”

“No, no. That’s my concealer at work.”

No red nose for you though, I was picking at a spot and this happened:

can make stick color stick.jpg

I dabbed the yellow on the spot – note its a little, urm, crusty and no concealer de-crusts.

Note how pale the yellow beige actually is on the skin:

canmake color stick.jpg

I dabbed this in and it did blend in quite well – it NEUTRALIZED, almost immediately which is what I wanted.

You can see it did cling to the dry bits but like I said, when you have a slightly crusty spot or scab or whatever, its difficult for any concealer to not hold to to those areas. Foundation and powder would go on top anyhow.

I like this – I would save it for neutralising red rather than concealing though.

canmake color stick -1.jpg

3. 06 Beige Ochre Canmake Color Stick

I was the most excited about Beige Ochre – this one I wanted for shading. I love my Nars Multiple in Tuomota for contouring, its so quick, its matte with no sparkles and a perfect brown.

Being a fat stick though its hard to contour, hence this Canmake is the perfect size for nose shading (which I’d like to do but in theory have no time to every do!).

I applied Beige Ochre to under my cheekbone:

Canmake Color Stick Concealer Foundation base.jpg

Unfortunately (I seem to be getting darker in my old age) its too light for me! It just about blends into my skin, it doesn’t contour really. Such a shame!

After – little difference:

Canmake color stick concealer foundation.jpg

They need to do a darker shade and it would be perfect! I did find a use for it though – lip concealer for a neutral base to work with:

Canmake Color Stick -2.jpg

I got an email recently asking if I wear foundation and concealer on my lips out – the answer is no – I think most ladies who do this, do it to neutralize the lips and get an even base to work with. Ok?!

Anyway beige ochre – nice color but too light for contouring if you are a NC35 +

04. 10 Crystal White Canmake Color Stick

Finally Crystal White, a sheerer version of white!

This is one of the newer sticks and I can tell that the formula is harder to work with – it needs a bit more warming up, its not as creamy.

I applied some of this to the corners of my eye:

Canmake White Color Stick.jpg


Canmake Color stick white.jpg

It did an ok job actually at adding luminosity and this can be used on the nose, near the cupids bow, anywhere you want to highlight so its a pretty useful stick for all.

Like I said, the texture is not as rich as the others, but I can imagine its more flattering that the original white color stick which was a stark, matte white.

So yes, its a useful one but not as nice as the others to use.

So that is my Canmake Haul!

Do you like these products? Do you own anything similar?

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  1. says

    Sometimes I don’t blend my green concealer properly and I get little green patches on my face (an unattractive sight). Yellow Beige sounds much better, and I’d love to get my hands on Apricot. Anything that lightens dark circles are a must buy in my books~ Thanks for reviewing these Color Sticks!

  2. lotusbleu says

    might try out the 01! btw, love ur eyecolour. are u wearing contacts? It looks so natural though :)

  3. Sarah-chan says

    where did you get these from? ive been after a white or cystal white canmake colour stick for ages!