Cheek & Lip Tints: Innisfree Garden Balsam and Azalea Flower Tint Review

Innisfree is a Korean brand with a huge range of products all with a ‘natural’ edge.  I haven’t tried that much from the range purely because other brands have proved more appealing so far.

I love multi use products so bought these two tints in Garden Balsam (Coral) and Azalea (Hot Pink). There is also a shade called Camelia which is more of a reddish rose:


These have a gel type texture, thicker than Benefit’s Benetint but more like Posietint (it has that kind of milkiness). They are both handy sized (like the size of a lip gloss) and come with sponge applicators….

There’s nothing special about the sponge applicators – I would’ve liked a brush or perhaps a slightly thicker head or a slightly more bendy applicator because these feel a bit small:


As pigmented as these look on the applicator, when you actually apply them they are super sheer. The texture is great at least it doesn’t stain the skin and you have a minute or so before it starts to dry and look blotchy.



They are shimmer free and give a nice glow. On the lips they are barely detectable, at least on my pinky lips.

On someone pale these will be more noticeable.  On someone darker than me then it’ll barely show up because it took 2-3 layers for it to show on my cheek.

By the way – it has a slight floral scent to it, it’s not overwhelming at all.

On my cheek:#alttext#


Cute purchase but not essential.  I’d prefer it if there was more pigment going on but if you are a fan of Benefit’s Posietint, you will very likely love this.

I bought these from eBay ($10.79 from this seller inc shipping).


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  1. AB says

    You should try some of Innisfree’s skincare products/ranges! They’re consistently ranked as one of the most popular skincare brands in South Korea and the ladies here in Japan go crazy for them. 😉

  2. lemon says

    I really like innisfree lip glosses in general. These flower tints look so lovely as swatches, but I also worry that they may be too sheer on my medium pigmented lips. Too bad because they have such unique but natural looking colors suitable for my skin tone. And the ebay seller increased the price to $11.99 (and they’re the only ones selling this). Thanks for review!