My new favourite lip balm: Bison Murumuru Butter Lip Cream

I must buy 2 new lip balms a week – I am always losing them including my SKII and La Mer lip balms – d’oh!

My newest purchase was totally random, this Murumuru Butter Lip Cream by Bison (a Japanese brand) with SPF 11.

Murumurubutter Lip Balm Shea butter.jpg

Now the pot is quite small – about the size of a 50p pence piece but its quite a concentrated lip balm.

I LOVE it. Its the kind of texture I like – quite rich but not a cream, it still has the slick feeling oilier balms have. It also stays on for ages!

It smells a bit vaniall-honeyish. Its not really overly scented to be honest.

Bison Japanese shea butter lip balm.jpg

Love this lip balm! I paid about £6 for it from eBay (seller: Alphabeauty)

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  1. says

    !!!this reminds me of my HG lipbalm, one of those yuskin B (something like that brand name) lipbalms that I can never find for a decent price over here! (Should’ve stocked up in Hong Kong whilst I could’ve, huh!) This looks like a similar alternative 😀 thanks!

  2. lemon says

    Thanks. I just ordered the stick SPF 16 version just for convenient use. I might get this next when weather gets colder. It’s tough to find a good lip balm that also has sun protection.