I love Napoleon Perdis Make Up Brushes!

I don’t buy that make make up brushes any more – my collection is so huge already that I tend to hold back unless I see an interesting one. 

I do have a soft spot though – for Napoleon Perdis make up brushes! 

Napoleon Perdis is a Greek Australian make up artist who launched a small make up studio in Sydney in 1992 and his own range of cosmetics in 1995. So far, the range is sold in Australia, New Zealand and the USA via Ultra.  Which means we miss out in Europe!  I have sourced the brushes from eBay – I’ve not tried any of his cosmetics just because it’s too hard to get hold of over here.

The last brushes I got:

I love Napoleon Perdis Make Up Brushes

There’s something about his make up brushes – they’re really well made, rarely shed and have this nice dense texture that I like.  Along with MAC, Shu Uemura and NARS, they’re my favourite brushes (and I have many more from different brands). 

I have a thing for foundation brushes. I tend to like small ones over larger size ones, and rounded shapes over the flat synthetic ones.  The HD Foundation and concealer brush is medium size slightly smaller than the Louise Young LY34 brush I own and with a more pointed tip which I like. 

High Definition Foundation & Concealer Brush – G20:                                                          

G20 High Definition Foundation Concealer Brush

I wouldn’t use this for concealer unless I was trying to conceal my face – but it’s a nice foundation brush especially for blending around the problem areas (like for me where I get really red). It’s a bit of a pain to wash as all dense brushes like this are.

Architect Lip Brush Sable 3H & Fine Line Sable brush 2H:
Napoleon Perdis Fine Line Brush Architect Lip Brush Sable 3h 1
The lip brush is sable which I like and is quite wide. I actually ended up using it on the eyes more than lips because I rarely use a lip brush unless I am applying a super bright or deep colour! It works well for both. 
The Fine Liner brush works well with gel liner but I also found that it’s good for applying colour on the bottom lashes as it you draw a fine point or something a bit thicker if necessary. 
I got these from eBay (fraction of the retail price, yo!) but then there’s no where else I can get them anyway!

What are your favourite brushes?
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