Marian Newman Nails

After have a crappy manicure on my birthday (lumpy, uneven, smudgy) I began investigating the net for something that really does dry quicky and is easy to apply.

Although I have a decent nail collection, I am completely impatient, yet a perfectionist, so it’s not often I have nails I think are good enough to keep on. If it has a smudge then they all come off – isn’t that a disease, like ADHD or something?!

Anyway, I got my eye on Marian Newman Inkcredible (geddit?) polishes.

She says:

Inkredible but true!

Nail colour applied and dry in moments. Apply opaque colour to your nails anywhere in an instant. Change it to match your look, your mood, your activity. Accessorize with your shoes, your lipstick, your handbag; now accessorize with your nails just as quickly. The colour, in a brush pen, dries in less than 20 seconds. Seal and gloss it with ‘Wrapture’ that dries in 40 secs. Change your look in minutes, just like your lipstick.

Dries in 20 seconds? 40 second top coat? Come on! I was told 3 hours for polish to dry properly. If this truly works then I’m in!

You have to buy this in a kit – one colour and a topcoat, or 2 colours and a top coat or 3 colours and a top coat.

Colour choices:

So not amazing but includes all the popular colour groups.

The price is a bit steep – £22 for 1 colour and top coat, £28 for 2 colours and a top coat, £38 for 3 colours and two top coats.

My gut instinct says 3 colour kit, a red, a midnight and a gold – or possible purple?

You can also get care kits (with nail oils, cuticile oils etc.) but let’s just see if the polish works first!

Shall report back!

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  1. Medina says

    Hahaha! I’m totally the same with my manicures! That’s the reason I started doing my own, at least this way I can wipe and repaint every single nail as many times as it takes.

  2. Row says

    Hey Medina!!!

    me too. I think we have some kind of disorder or something….anyway my Mairanne nails arrived today, very excited to try! I will be upset if it doesn’t dry in 30 secs as stated!

  3. victoria says

    Don’t waste your hard earned cash. I bought one colour – Purple, very pretty in the terrific packaging and all that jazz but it doesn’t deliver.

    I carefully read the instructions which is not like me at all but I wanted to savour this exciting product. Anyway, I followed the instructions and got an OK coverage – not great, just OK. The Gloss just highlighted the poor quality of the coverage and as I type and keep looking at my nails, it’s just poor value for money.

    On the plus side t dries quickly and thehe gloss is glossy (but not a patch on Chanel’s quick shine for nails).

    I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to look like you put your polish on in the dark or you’re going to wear it when you’re alone. Not up to my usual standard. If you want great polish buy Chanel or YSL instead and both are cheaper.

    In short don’t believe the hype!

    • Row says

      Hi Victoria

      My experience with Marian Newman nails has been poor. For me the polish stains, it is uneven and it runs off when it gets wet. My verdict on this product is here and here.

  4. Susanne Price says

    What a load of rubbish Inkcredible Nails are!!!! Mine looked pretty rubbish and the minute I went in the shower half of it washed off. I sent the stuff back and wrote a stern letter of complaint, that was a year ago and i am still awaiting a response!!! The reason I am writing this review is that the cheeky beggars have sent me an email today of their new products!!

    Don’t waste your money!!

    • Row says

      Hi Susanne

      I believe a lady from Marian Newman has contacted you? Hopefully we can get some tips on how to make this product better…as for your letter, you are right these things should be addressed so I am glad that you have been able to resolve it 😀

  5. Jane Newton says

    If you have any issues/problems with the product we would be happy to address them. All comments made can be addressed. We have replied to Susanne.

    • Row says

      Hi again Jane

      If there is as secret to the technique please? I have to say I had a lot of trouble using the product :)

  6. Jane Newton says

    There is indeed :). I will pass these comments on to Adam, one of our senior techs (you may have seen him on Ideal World shopping channel? Marian is doing a show there on Thurs at 8pm which will also explain a lot)

    Thank you for taking the time in allowing us to hopefully resolve any issues

  7. Susanne Price says

    They did contact me after reding my comments and have offered a replacement and tips on how to apply properly and i’ll be watching Ideal World for more info! Hope they work for you!

  8. tessie says

    I purchased 2 of the inks and the glosser nearly 2 weeks ago, paid extra for 1st class delivery and I’m still waiting, sent 2 emails and both have been ignored. Poor customer service!