Elizabeth Arden Summer Sunlit Bronze Collection 2009

A bit like granny pants and tea cosies, Elizabeth Arden is not one of the counters I ever stop at. I used to like 8 hour cream but with so many other fancy goodies around its not something I’ve touched for a while.

I was having one of those Friday afternoon strolls after work and what happened…the sparkliest peach-coral-orange lipgloss caught my eye. Horror of horrors – it was on the Elizabeth Arden counter. And the SA was good. She was really good. Like the old school of make up countering when they actually make eye contact and try to talk to you instead of gassing to each other.

Anyway, here’s the collection – Sunlit Bronze:


Every damn year, every brand brings out a new type of bronzer to replace the bronzer I didn’t manage to finish lash year anyway.

Note: In England we have about 2 hot days, 10 warm days, and the rest is just mediocre.

I can’t for the life of me find a picture of Catherine Zeta doing the promo shot. She looks very tanned in it with orange lips and green-black eyes.

She’s a bit dull isn’t she? They need to spice things up with someone – not necessarily younger, just with a bit more spunk.

I ended up with the 2 lip products:


Tropicoral (lipgloss – limited in the UK) and Colour Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Guava Pearl (Limited). Other nice items was the cheek colour in Rose Gold – looks dull in the palette but has lots of gold highlights and the teal eyeliner, which is like a dirty dark green.


The Gloss:


You can’t tell it here but its a bright but sheer orange-coral, full of gorgeous little multi sparkles:




I’m not much for lipstick in the summer but for the full coral pout, the lipstick was used underneath the gloss:


The packaging is soooooooo naff:


The texture is glossy, medium pigmented and its infused with gold:




I’ve had compliments wearing this – it makes a change from my usual super nude lip. Colour, shimmer, gloss but not too strong, not too over the top for the summer. I like!

I bought these from Debenhams where there is currently 10% off make up purchases and also a £5 off voucher if you spend £25.

2 products worn together:


I really like! Great with tans and warm/olive tones, perhaps not as good for very pale girls (unless you like orange?). I keep thinking about the blusher too, even though it looks so…naff. It might feel excluded in my make up bag.

“Jill Stuart, Cle De Peau, Kiss – meet Elizabeth. Please don’t pick on her just because she’s different.”

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