Jill Stuart Pure Brightening UV Day Care Powder

As soon as I saw this pic, I knew I had to have it:


Jill Stuarts ultra pretty Pure Day Care Powder is not just a cosmetic item. It has an SPF of 15, is brightening (it says so in the title!), and can deal with problems like spots, oily bits and so on.

I’ve always had quite good luck with so called ‘Acne Care Powders’ of Japanese origin – white talc like powders you put on the skin at bed time to prevent breakouts.


Pretty case? Of course! Jill Stuart is the ultimate in pretty. But you do pay for it.


The refill you buy separately.


The powder is a light, white pink colour. I was thinking to myself that this should work as a brightening veil – I am fairly olive and warm toned and I hate anything chalky on my skin.


The powder is NOT translucent. It does have a whitish tinge to it – in other words, its time for light hands….


I like this powder, but…it’s not essential.

Cons – very dark ladies will struggle with this, as it will lighten your skin, looking slightly unnatural. I say, don’t use the puff with it, use a big face brush to apply lightly to the skin.

It is also an expensive purchase (it cost me $65 from Ichibankao…eek. I try not to buy from there unless I cannot get it anywhere else, the exchange rate is too much).

And it’s not essential – it doesn’t provide any coverage AT ALL. It should be applied on top of your other beauty, er, condiments.

Pros – It’s a stunning compact, as always.

It’s brightening and I found in the daytime, it’s a nice way to get some UV protection without having to use a sunscreen (thus moving your make up around), it refined the appearance of pores slightly and absorbs oillies. With a brush though! Not the sponge! Unless you want to look like a geisha. On drugs.


I’m bored, what’s next?! 😉

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  1. It sounded too good to be true until I finished reading your post. Eeek, $65 is steep!

  2. I have tried a couple of Jill Stuart items (Blush, eyeshadow and lipbalm) and I have not been impressed yet, especially considering the steep price. Such a shame, because it looks so truely pretty.

    • Hey Birkie!

      Well…I am kind of with you. I love the eye jellies and lots of other bits and bobs but I can’t say I even love the quad eyeshadows THAT much. They’re ok…thats about it.

  3. Hey Row,

    I was re-reading this post because I saw some other blogger raving about this product and I noticed that you mentioned Acne Care Powders. Any examples? It sounds interesting!

  4. To be honest, I have never heard of it! Thanks for going through so much trouble to search for the links ^^

    This seem to be the perfect opportunity to try out something Ettusais! Thanks again Row!!

    • Hi Blair

      Yes try it out! I think its an excellent product, I did notice my skin was less oily and spotty in the morning. :)

  5. Hi!
    Ms. Row, I was wondering, if I tear apart my MUFE duo mat, do you think the actual pressed powder pan will fit the Jill Stuart compacts?
    Thank you!

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