5 Days of Lashes: No. 4 Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Volume Review

I really like the Heroine Make range overall so decided to buy the Volume mascara to try.

I am really struggling to find an amazing mascara these days – everything is just ok. Here is the Heroine Make mascara which cones in Length & Volume formulas:


Warning: Look out for fake Heroine Make mascaras! I will post on this in the future as I bought some fakes off eBay. Buy from a reputable seller like adambeauty.com (also the best price), not from eBay.

Take a good look at the packaging, the real thing has a swirly pattern and a rose at the ends:


The brush is wider at the ends and thinner in the middle. It’s quite a nice brush to use – not too big for my little lashes. Also the bristles are a good length. If you were to look at this from above, it’s almost ‘squarish’.


It looks a bit grey in the photo, it’s quite a nice deep black though.

Anyway less talk more imagery. Here are my lashes before:






This mascara holds curl beautifully. It totally gets top marks in that area and it lengthens and adds a little bit of volume too. It’s one of those mascaras you can use on its own without a primer or top coat.

I have found that mascaras that TRULY hold curl tend to be quite dry, a little bit hard and have a sort of…petrol smell. SANA Big Lash also has a similar texture to this one and smell.

From the side:


This mascara is now in my every day make up bag for when I just need a mascara that ‘works’. However, it is not faultless.


Holds curl
Nice and black
Long lasting


It’s a hard mascara – so it feels a little crunchy
It’s hard to remove
It looks a bit dry

Basically, if you have difficult straight Asian lashes you could do worse than this mascara, but the pay off is that it doesn’t give you those glossy soft lashes.

In terms of removal this mascara is hard to get off but there’s a dedicated remover – review coming up next!

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  1. Kelly says

    I seem to recall the old packaging was plain with no roses print so maybe that’s what u got off eBay?

    • Row says

      Hi Kelly

      Yeah it’s possible but they are pretty old and the ones I got were dried up
      So I’d advise people to avoid these…who wants super old mascara?!