Eyelash Growth Diary Week 2/3: Mylash Eyelash Growth Serum

Welcome to week 2/3 of using Mylash!

I’ve been using it properly (ie. every night rather than collapsing from tiredness) since the 7th Jan. I figured I’d find a time when I could really stick to it to start properly rather than doing it now and then. 😀

Here was my starting point.

Here is where I am now. I haven’t experienced and stinging although I’ve found some itchiness occurring mainly at the base of my lashes at the inner corners. I had an eye test last week and the optician said everything was fine.



Sorry about my crinkly lashes, I’m a bit of a hardcore lash curler user! My lashes have definitely grown. They look a bit longer and are darker and a bit thicker at the base. I can stroke them now…sounds weird, but there’s some progress which perhaps isn’t as clear yet in the photos.

I’m interested as to how far this will go cos we’ve still got plenty of time yet!


In terms of using it every night I can do it without a mirror now, so when I’m feeling extra tired I make sure I dab some on anyway.

More picks:


What do you think?

Will be reporting back in another 2 weeks!

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  1. dana says

    I’m really skeptical about the lash growth serums. I think the best way is just to wait cause it goes through growth cycles. I used to wear waterproof mascara ALL the time ( lived in a hot country no other option) then my lashes started falling out they’ve only just started growing back :(

    also my eyelash curler cut my lashes the other day! ugh not a pretty site wearing fake lashes constantly now!

    can’t wait to see if this product works!

  2. says

    Hi Dana,

    I am one of the doctors at Mylash and I can understand why you are sceptical.

    All the over the counter products cannot promise eyelash growth as the EU definition of a drug is something that changes your physiology- if they made your eyelashes grow they would require a prescription!

    The Mylash service offers a prescription only treatment for those that are suitable.

    You are correct to talk about the hair cycle as the best results take the length of one hair cycle to occur. For most, the hair cycle is about 90 days for eyelashes but results are noticed within two weeks as all of your hairs are at different parts of the hair cycle.

    The treatment offered by Mylash has been independently proven to work by the American FDA, and they found that the average result was a 25% increase in length, 106% increase in thickness and 18% darkening effect.

    I understand that it is easy to type up comments like this about Mylash, so I will conclude by thanking Rowena for taking the time to take pictures of her lash growing journey and let the pictures talk for themselves.