Love it! Naris Up Bihadashi Eye Zone Concealer Review

The search for a brilliant concealer will never end, and I purchased this Naris Up Bihadashi Eye Zone concealer after seeing it had everything in one place; 2 shades of concealer and a setting powder.

I have tried a pore concealer from the Bihadashi range which I didn’t like because it made me break out. Would this eye zone concealer fare better?


Naris Up, like a lot of other Japanese brands like Bison and my beloved SANA have lots of little sub brands and tons of cute, useful, unusual beauty goodies. All these little sub brands have their own identities – I love it!

The Bihadashi range doesn’t look very funky, it looks sort of old school but functional.

There’s a step by step guide on the box:#alttext#

Mix the shades of concealer together, apply, set and done! You also get the brushes to use with this compact.

Here are the shades – this reminds me of the RMK concealer set which also includes 2 shades of concealer and a powder but I couldn’t bring myself to buy that, it’s pretty expensive whereas I only paid about £12 for this (and that’s marked up).


The darker shade at first, had me wondering if it would be too dark, but actually, mixed with the light it works well, stops it from looking too light or giving the racoon effect.



What I really love about this concealer is the TEXTURE.

Not as sheer as a lot of under eye concealers, but not as thick some, it’s the perfect mix of opacity and lightness. Opacity so it will cover heavy duty circles, but lightness (or a slightly oily feel which I think is better for under eye than anything dry) which means it won’t settle into lines.

The powder adds some extra brightness without being cakey or over done – this kit takes a bit more effort than slapping touche eclat on, but it’s WORTH it. It’s something I’m lazy about (using under eye concealer) but it makes such a big difference to a tired face.

Now, my mascara was TERRIBLE in the below photos (shall remain nameless) so I cut it out.





I REALLY like this product, a LOT and god knows I try a lot of under eye concealers. I would recommend this to anyone and you can always mix it so it suits your skin tone.

It’s only $8 at! (adambeauty where I bought it no longer has it in stock)

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    • Row says

      Hi Nazia

      Bless your dad! LOL! It does tend to be heridetary though. This is a great concealer I dunno, it was just spot on in texture

  1. Jen says

    Awwww…this looks really good…wish I’d seen this review before shelling out for the RMK one! (which I’ve not actually had the heart to start using yet!). I’ve also seen a MEMEME! one in Superdrug which has the two shades and a setting powder, much like the Bobbi Brown one, wonder if it’s any good :/

  2. Jen says

    Hi Row, yeah, it was on offer for about £5 I think, and it caught my attention ‘cos it reminded me of the Bobbi Brown creem undereye concealer! I didn’t have time to grab one though ‘cos I was on my lunch break 😀

  3. Jen says

    Turns out I was mistaken when I said there was 2 shades in the MEMEME concealer lol You only get the one shade concealer and then a setting powder :( Still reminds me of the BB one though!