Bobbi Brown Goldstone Long Wear Eye Palette Review

I visited the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) in York a few weeks back. I wasn’t really impressed – it reminds me of the one in Cheshire Oaks, which is also mildly lame, full of last season (or older) make up…

It’s great if you missed out on something from an old MAC collection, or if you have a clear idea of what you want (ie. A red lipstick) otherwise you end up hauling crap.

I bought one thing, this Bobbi Brown Goldstone Long Wear Eye palette which I think is from Christmas 2009.


I love Bobbi Brown Gel Liners and Long Wear Eyeshadows – I also like how compact this set it!

I found that a lot of the things I was looking at was wrongly priced in the York CCO – the girls were friendly enough and looked up the prices for me but still, you start to feel like a pain in the ass.


This palette has that annoying mega shiny cover, which means its fingerprints ahoy.


Come to think of it, at £24 this palette wasn’t that cheap. It does come with a mirror and a brush but I dunno…its hardly a mega bargain.

The gels and cream shadows live in a well with a lid – leave this lid open at your peril as they will harden overnight:


Goldstone is a sheer gold, Mineral Dust is a silver taupe and Caviar Ink is a black gel liner.

It comes with a decent dual ended brush too.




I am pretty indifferent to this palette. Its sort of useful to have 3 shades in one place, but the cream shadows are feeling a little bit hard, and its not that inspiring really. Its probably one I would take away with my on a holiday though because it is pretty compact.

Will I be rushing back to a CCO anytime soon? No! I don’t get it….old stuff that no one wanted in the first place sold with a little discount.

There’s nothing there that I’d go mad for, and you could sell an lime green turnip masher to me any day of the week.

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  1. Julia says

    That’s hilarious! I nearly choked on my tea when I got to the bit about hauling crap.
    I lived in York for many years but never saw this shop – Row, is it at the Mc Arthur Glen outlet mall?

    • Row says

      Hi Julia

      Yes! Its the Mc Arthur Glen Mall – didn’t like the one in York one bit although I really liked the Jewellery Shop (Dynberg something). I didn’t like the mall itself, looked like a mental asylum and full of nutters too!