Yanagiya Prexceed Hair Serum with Honey Review

I tend to let my hair dry naturally because I wash it pretty much every day. If I forget to put something in it, it frizzes into a giant poof ball.

So I am always looking for things I can use on damp hair that will defrizz and add some definition without weighing it down.

I really like Japanese hair care/styling products. They tend to be a lot lighter on the hair.


This is Yanafiya Prexceed Hair Serum with Honey, a leave in treatment.

They say:

Yanagiya Prexceed Hair Serum with Honey is specifically designed for damaged and coarse hair, giving it extra nourishment and keep your hair hydrated all day long, your hair will regain luster and feel as soft as silk. This repairing serum will give a glossy shine to your hair, leaving hair soft and supple.
I love this product!

You use just a little bit when your hair is still damp (or dry) and it really keeps things smooth and gloss. It doesn’t smell completely like honey but it is a nice scent..sort of mellow….


Don’t use too much though! It weighs hair down easily so a small dollop is enough. It really tames my hair, especially where it gets frizzy and knotty easily. It’s amazing how many of these leave in oils and products make my hair greasy, this one doesn’t.



A really nice treatment which adds gloss and smoothness without weighing it down. I bought this from SASA for about $10.

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    • Row says

      Hi Nazia

      Yes their service is fine, although be aware if u order too much uk customs will getcha! x