Speed Review: Clynol Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Tonic

The though of losing hair is always scary, especially when being youthful and attractive seems to mean having a thick head of hair.

In fact 6 out of 10 women experience hair loss at some point in their lives; stress, diet or genes could be to blame. I know that when I am stressed I lose hair more easily, and I remember in my teens finding a patch on my scalp which was dramatically thinner than other areas of my head, which was scary.

My ma has suffered sporadically from hair loss – she had quite a bad phase which is now over but as with many people who may suffer the more dramatic hair loss, there’s always that paranoia that it could come back.


She tested out Clynol’s 2 step system for me, a shampoo which is supposed to strengthen and encourage hair growth, and a tonic (non rinse) afterwards. Hair loss reduction is visible agter 6 weeks and there should be 80% root activation after 6 months.
She has now finished the products and has fed back to me that:

– She liked both of the products, the shampoo for example was a good quality shampoo she could use just a bit of and once wash was enough to get any dirt out of her hair.

– She found the tonic easy to use to because of the way it’s like a giant squeezy tube.

– In terms of hair loss; she thinks it’s too hard to say if she has lost less hair than normal, but the products definitely haven’t made things worse, which sometimes new products can do.

– Her scalp is healthier and her hair seems to feel stronger and shiny after using the products.

– Her hair feels quite thick too; not sure if this is down to the shampoo but she does feel like everything is very ‘swishy’ at the moment!

Would she buy it again? Although she can’t honestly say if these products have helped her lose less hair, everything is in good condition and she doesn’t feel like these products caused any irritation or more hair loss than normal so she’d definitely try them again, especially the hair tonic which seemed to leave her scalp very healthy.

You can buy the products here (£5.95 for the Shampoo, £8.95 for the tonic).

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  1. Yasmin Butt says

    It’s interesting that you’ve covered this, as I saw a post on another blog very recently about female hair loss and products that are meant to cater for it.

    It’s of personal interest to me because I was diagnosed with myxodema which is a form of hypthyroidism & my own lustrous locks took a severe battering last year.

    It shocked and freaked me out : ( I love my hair and unlike Gail Porter, I’m not sure I could cope with it going AWOL.

    I did a bit of research into the marketplace and noted that Head and Shoulders did a shampoo called Hair Endurance and that Body Shop’s Ice Blue shampoo ( a retro product) was meant to aid regrowth as it stimulated blood flow to the scalp.

    Regaine is the medical hair tonic that’s meant to help, but all of these products need continuous, perm use to be effective

    Nutritional supplements might be a better way forward. This blog post gave me hope. I’d never heard of the product but shall check it out.

    I hope the info helps other women. x x

    • Row says

      Hi Yasmine

      Thanks for the info. It’s not a nice thing to go through at all, and for ladies, hair is so often a symbol of feminity. I haven’t had massive hair loss but the little I had, totally freaked me out and sometimes there’s nothing you can do (ie. because of illness or stress). x

  2. Vioke Violet says

    I had some hair loss during the summer, and the shielo volume shampoo really seemed to revitalize my hair. My hair sprouted out quickly. Although it is expensive, it seemed to allow my hair to return to its normal, healthy state.