Penhaligon and Alex Monroe’s Peoneve Collection

I recently developed a crush on Alex Monroe’s quirky yet wearable jewellery designs! The Goring shrimp (in rose gold) necklace would be my first choice – it’s so unusual but adorable at the same time!

If Shrimp ain’t your thing, then his exclusive pieces launched to coincide with Penhaligon’s latest fragrance Peoneve is wholly wearable and very elegant!

Alex Monroe Peoneve Collection pdf

Says the man himself: 

“Peonies have always been a favourite of mine but I’ve found them impossible to make. Too many petals! So when Penhaligons asked me to come up with something based on the peony I was nervous, but it was a challenge I rather relished… I haven’t been beaten yet! It took three or four attempts to get it right. I’m very pleased with the result. Phew!” 


About the scent (which I haven’t actually smelled, I just love the Alex Monroe jewellery!):

The fragrance is an exquisite portrayal of an English garden in summer, bursting with lush green foliage and heady with the scent of blossoming flowers. At the garden’s heart grows the radiant Peony flower; beloved by master perfumer Olivier Cresp for its abundant petals and velvety scent. 

Alex Monroe Peoneve Collection pdf 1

The collection is exclusively sold in Penhaligon’s stores (they don’t have one near me anymore – boo!) and the prices are:

Silver Peony Earrings £120

Silvery Peony Necklace £114

Gold Plated Peony Earrings £144

Gold Plated Peony Necklace £135

Would you buy jewellery inspired by a fragrance?

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