Take 2: Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy Facial Review

I have been to see the skincare guru that is Nataliya Robinson before and had an exception facial (review here) so was very pleased to pop back in to see her in her new North London location the day after my wedding (a little treat before getting on a long train journey home!). 

The lady herself:

Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapist

Nataliya had some new products and techniques in which she wanted me to try.  If you read my previous review, what I really loved about her facials is that it’s a very deep cleansing ‘doing’ facial in that, there’s no slap-on-a-mask-then-leave-the-room going on (one of the reasons I don’t really bother with facials at new places anymore – they’re always a let down).  It’s a very very through facial and has the right amount of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, extracting and relaxing massage to boot. 

So this time, Nataliya performed her treatment in a new location – the room had a very chic feel (pictures of Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren on the walls!) with soft jazz playing (a picture of the room here on Instyle!).  Pomegranate Noir candle by Jo Malone was burning (attention to detail!).

The room wasn’t dark, and yet, it felt completely relaxing – it was raining on the day I went and I remember looking outside a few times and seeing fat droplets of rain on the window…don’t know why, it’s just a strong post wedding memory :)

My treatment this time was:

  • First, cleansing
  • This was followed by a Cocoa Enzyme peel (this is a gentle method to exfoliate and remove any dead cells).  This was the most amazing smelling mask – not like fake chocolate, but a really rich cocoa bean smell.
  • Next she used Microdermabrasion (crystal-free) for congested areas such as nose and the jaw line.
  • Next, Nataliya carried out extraction with sterile gloves.
  • After a soothing lotion was applied to reduce any inflammation.
  • Then, I had a lymphatic massage with vacuum function equipment, followed by a gentle hands-on massage on your face neck and scalp to increase circulation and relax the mind.  The vacuum was so interesting!!! It basically feels like fish kisses (fish kisses?!) Ok – it feels like a fish pedicure, with gentle suction but on the face. It is surprisingly relaxing and gentle. 
  • Next was a green tea mask to provide an anti-oxidant boost.
  • Finally a Vitamin C serum and moisturising cream with blemish balm was applied to decrease inflammation and improve skin tone, together with a lip balm from Creme De La Mer. 
Nataliya always tailors the facial depending on the person and their needs – in my case I was (am) pregnant! So the micro dermabrasion was gentler than normal and there were no electrical tools use which could be harmful to the baby. 

Afterwards my skin glowed without any redness or irritation. I had to sit on a smelly train for 2 hours afterwards and I didn’t feel like I needed any make up on (I usually like some concealer at least!) because my skin felt so fresh!  

Also the extractions I have with Nataliya always seems to work well – when I saw her earlier in the year I had SERIOUS congestion around my jawline in the form of lots of little painful clusters of acne which she removed – and they haven’t come back since. This time there was a lot less time spent extracting just because I didn’t need it! 😀

This treatment, The European Facial lasts 80 minutes and costs £160. The treatment varies depending on your skincare needs, so could include: peeling, extractions, microdermabrasion, lymphatic massage and other methods such as galvanic, cryomassage, high frequency techniques etc.

It’s not a cheap treatment but say, where I am from, facials cost around £45-£60 each and they’ve seriously been a waste of money (I really don’t need to pay someone to apply a face mask for me) so I’d rather have one treatment with Nataliya every 3 months then have 1 rubbish facial per month! 

To book:

 For appointments please call 07774544455 or visit nataliyarobinson.co.uk

*Complimentary Treatment – Miss Candy doesn’t lie about treatment experiences! 

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