Eyeliner Week No. 2: Naris Up Wink Up Kuromegachi Eyeliner Review

Welcome to a full week of eyeliner reviews from my latest finds from March 2011! Each review will be number 1 – 7.

This rather oddly named eyeliner from Naris Up is curiously called Kuromegachi. How do you pronounce that? I don’t know. I was attracted (attracted?!) to this eyeliner because of the way it’s got that thick angled cut.

A lot of liners are like this (KATE, POP Beauty) although not all are equal. I have found a lot of liners with this kind of feature a bit too waxy to work on my waterline.

The liner:


Naris Up is yet another one of those Japanese brands that have lots of sub brands and unusual products – well worth checking out. Here is the pencil – the packaging is really plain. You’d easily miss this in a make up bag!


The liner is cut to a really sharp angle. A nice way to use this is to place it along the rims of your eye and pull it across a few times.

This liner IS soft enough to do this:


I really like this liner! It’s one of the best angled cut eyeliners I have tried. It’s very pigmented, very black, very creamy and works like a dream to line the inner rims of the eye.

Here is a swatch from using the pencil from different angles:


The only problem with this liner is that because it’s quite creamy it will run a bit, especially if you have watery eyes like me. It doesn’t quite set to a fully waterproof finish so be aware of this if you have oily skin, watery eyes or…er, blink a lot!


Verdict: Really like this liner. Admittedly a lot of soft black pencils will do the same thing but I like the angled element!

I bought this from eBay for £8.

Score: 3.9/5

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    • Row says

      Hi Cornflakegirl

      Yes! It’s quite useful for doing your eyes quickly! 😀 You can close your eyes and just run the pencil on the inner rims!

  1. Jen says

    hmmm…highly confused what point the above comment is trying to make lol

    I love the look of this liner, I have an eyebrow pencil that’s a similar shape and it’s much better than the conventional tips. Now, if they could make it budge-proof, then it would be 100% 😀

  2. says

    What an odd shape..it seems really good though, once my no buy finishes, it shall be mine as I’m a wally when it comes to lining my eyes in a rush.

    • Row says

      Hi Rhamnousia

      Aye I too make mistakes if I have to rush around in the morning – hence a soft smudgy one is the only one I dare use when I’m in a rush! There’s no way I’d use a liquid!