Anatomicals Skin & Body Goodies

Anatomicals in a retro range of face and skincare goodies, with jazzy names like ‘Stop Cracking Up’ Lipbalm, and ‘No Old Bags Allowed’ Eye Gel.

I sampled a few of their goods, the lip balm, eye gel and breath freshner.

Anatomicals is very affordable, with prices from £3.

What did I think of the products I tried? I found that the Lip Balm was clear and glossy, but reminded me more of a gloss than of a lipbalm…I suppose it was more oily the moisturising. The eye gel was cooling and refreshing – not something I would use as a daily product, but as a pep talk throughout the day.

The breath freshner is a handy size to carry round but it was a bizarre sort of syrupy mint – almost as if there is a hint of aniseed (I like aniseed, but with mint?). Hmm I couldn’t use this without feeling a little bit sick.

All in all, its a really cute range and would be a great stocking filler for someone but the products are not anything I would use in my day to day routines…

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