Review: Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel

Peeling Gels are big business over in Asia and although I have spied a few in the past, I avoided them because they sounded a little too harsh for my delicate skin. Peeling? I prefer ‘exfoliating’.

Regular readers will know I am mad for Skinfood at the moment. That’s calming down as Royal Mail strikes have completely slowed down my international purchases.

Anyway – who can resist some skincare with Pineapple in it!


I’ve seen a few Pineapple based scrubs, cleansers and exfoliators about – they contain a-hydroxy-acids (AHA) and enzymes which help with dead skin removal.

I bought this Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel to try for £7 from eBay:

skinfood pineapple peeling gel.jpg

Did my skin become red, sore and inflamed as predicted? Or was I as happy as a…..pineapple? Jump!
This smells pineapple-like, but not the sickly type of pineapple. Its more on the tangy side, like when you get fed a really unripe pineapple that is as sour as hell.

Best pineapples come from Jamaica. They have to be eaten IN Jamaica though. Trust.

To demonstrate, I used my hand (although I did this on my face too but who wants to see hideous photographs of my dead skin balling up on my face…?)

My hand. Quite big, very useful. Would choose my fingers over my toes:

skinfood pineapple peeling.jpg

A bit of peeling gel. You only need a small bit, rub into the skin for 3-5 mins, then rinse off. The gel itself has NO scrub particles in it:

skinfood pineapple gel.jpg

Within moments, my skin had started to do this – I think thats’ the dead skin coming off (now I wasn’t sure so I tried rubbing the gel with a latex glove onto a plastic surface to see if it would ball up anyway and no, it didn’t so it must be my dead skin. The gel does become a bit grainy as you are rubbing in though).

skinfood pineapple peeling gel-1.jpg

Rinse and wipe”

pineapple peeling gel skinfood.jpg

The overall image is a bit brighter anyway, but my skin itself is a little brighter too.

On my faee it was stupendous. My skin felt like a baby’s bottom – softer than any scrub had every got it and I didn’t have any allergic reactions even though my skin is sensitive (I did get a slight tingle).

I would say that women with skin conditions (like eczema) need to be careful with these kinds of products though. I am surprised I didn’t go red or itch but that doesn’t mean you are exempt.

I am in love with this product. I want to try other types of peeling gels now! I wouldn’t use this more than twice a week though incase its a little too harsh for ‘all the time’.


BUY IT! I love it, I do.

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    • Row says

      Hi CL

      I dont know anyone who hates pineapples (ok…i want someone to come and disagree with me now….)

  1. mayrei says

    I have to have this. The idea of my skin balling up on my face like that is strangely appealing.