Review: Baltern Spa Face Mask – 100% Moorland Peat! Yes, Peat!

There’s nothing like a good deep cleansing mask – my favourite is Nars’s Mud Mask which does not irritate me AT ALL, but it’s also expensive (£45 the last time I bought it.)

So I recently tried out Balton Spa’s jet black concotion. This mask is 100% natural and is for all skin types including sensitive. It is made from (I quote):

Nutrient and Botanical Rich Moorland Peat and Moor Water.

balton spa.jpg

The child in my loves how this looks – like thick black frog spawn type stuff. Its real peat too – I could feel the grains of soil like stuff, and the hard pits that felt like rock or something.


They Say:

Directions for use:
Stir well and then apply with your fingers or brush to a cleansed skin, leaving on for just 3 minutes, afterwards washing off in warm water. Ideal to use whilst having your Moor Bath.

1. Helps to prevent premature ageing.
2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and small wrinkles.
3. Luxurious Skin Moisturiser.
4. Deeply Hydrates Stressed Skin restoring skin softness.
5. Skin Reviver, Protector and Nourisher.


I also got the travel bag which has a handy selection of goodies including:

* 25g Cleansing Bar

*A 20ml Jar of Face Mask

*A 50ml bottle of Cleansing & Toning Lotion

* A 20ml Jar of Face Cream.

* A 50ml bottle of Bodywash.

* A 50ml bottle of Body Lotion.

* A 20ml jar of Balaton Spa Soothing Eye Gel.

I’ll be honest and say I haven’t tried this yet but I will take it away with me on my next weekend break.


Verdict: This mask is very deep cleaning – I do love the texture, the idea of this all natural mask. I found that my skin looked a lot brighter, however I did experience stinging when I first put it onto my skin. I do have very sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of creams and treatments. My mother tried this and she was fine with it (she has oilier skin). I would use it again because I didn’t have a major reaction just a bit of itching that faded after an hour.


You can buy the set here (the mask and the travel bag seen above) for £19.99 here.

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