Beauty Yay or Nay? Heidi Montag’s Cosmetic Surgery

Ladies, today I’m feeling saucy and will be doing a number of Celebrity Yay or Nay posts thoughout the day…what do you mean is it a slow news day?! (I still haven’t been through my box of make up ‘To Photograph’ ok? Its so time consuming!)

Celebrity No. 1: Heidi Montag from The Hills

Ok this one is well documented. Heidi apparently had 10 procedures in November 2009 (and has obviously healed enough to reveal the results now, in Late January).

It doesn’t surprise me that she’s had more work done since she had a boob job and rhinoplasty at around 20 but ten procedures in one day is excessive, especially when you are essentially honing in each feature so that they become ‘perfect’ the face loses character.

It tends to be one or two stunning features mixed with some non conventional that make a striking face, no?

Report_ Heidi Montag’s mother ‘horrified’ at plastic surgery « Entertainment.jpg

Moreover, is 20-23 is too young to be considering cosmetic surgery? I can understand for medical reasons or in the case of an accident but doesn’t surgery at this age smack of insecurity?

I’ve always been brought up with a Cometic Surgery is Nonsense, if you’re ugly, you’re ugly [Source: My Mother]attitude, so I’d like to know what others think.

Heidi Montags Plastic Surgery – Yay or Nay?

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  1. says

    You know, I can see where they were going with the chin. The chin in the after is a better shape, no doubt about it. I don’t think the nose needed more work, it looks a little too small and chi chi now for my taste (but then, the only reason I don’t get my wonky nose fixed is I’d just crack it again straight away.) The eyes and boobs are ridiculous, no-one needs a brow lift at 23 (I think that’s what is really ageing her face. Brow-lifted eyes don’t look younger, they look brow-lifted.)

    Kind of sad that she felt the need for all this at such a young age. I’ve read that a good plastic surgeon should make you look like a better version of yourself; well bad surgery can not only make you look a completely different person, it can make you look like a different species. I do think she ‘came out’ too soon, and in another few months her face will settle down significantly.

    Boy, I think too much about this stuff!

  2. says

    Ultimately I think it is up to that person what they want to have done. I wouldn’t judge a person on things like whether they want to have or have had surgery however I would question (to myself) their reasoning. Although I don’t think I personally will have cosmetic surgery I would never say never, but the idea of doing it now (am 21, very nearly 22) to be is ridiculous and you’re right, it is probably insecurity. But then can you blame her, she is part of the sleb world and then things that can do to you mentally are big.
    Although it’s sad that she feels the need to do it, it is her choice and if it’s what she wants then who am I to judge?


  3. Deanna G. says

    Nay. All she needed was her nose & chin fixed and she’d be a total knockout. Now she just looks like a mannequin.

  4. says

    I think she was pretty even before she had the initial nose-and-boob jobs (not GORGEOUS, certainly, but pretty). Too bad they couldn’t give her a personality transplant: it’s really the only thing the poor girl needed.

  5. Lucy says

    That’s the problems with brow lifts, they’re just so obvious and common on the middle aged socialite set, that they’re instantly associated with 30-40 somethings now.. not 23 year olds!
    All I see is a girl old beyond her years.