Review: Lancome Laque Liner

Liquid Eyeliners can be such a pain in the neck – a good one I think has 2 things, that is –

i. A great applicator and
ii. A great opaque colour

I had my eye on the Lancome Artliner but bought the Laque Liner instead, which is a black, slightly glossy wet look finish eyeliner:

DSC03205 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I am wary of these pot type liners – I need a firm brush, nothing too lose to get a neat, close line. My favourite liners are felt tip type. Nevertheless, this liner is very nice indeed in that the applicator is nice and firm and the colour is a true, deep, opaque black:

lancome laque.jpg

So its not the most subtle of liquid liners – Japanese liners, I think, are going towards the super super thin liquid line which is almost invisible, and its a look which I think is quite pretty but its nice to have some oomph too. Laque liner has oomph. Laque liner is for the rebellious like me, bus fare dodger and McDonalds straw stealer. (Wait – why do both of those things involve some kind of thievery?)

DSC03214 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I believe this is LE but they are knocking about on various counters and good old eBay. I paid $20 for mine and its a jolly good liquid liner.

It’s a nice liner if you can find it!

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